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There is no exact data on the origin of the Dark Elves. However, according to the Dark Elves, fairy Ladia fell in love with a man named Narccius whom the goddess of beauty, Venus loved as well.

The midgets played Venus into cursing Ladia and her people. Everyone in the town where she had lived were cursed by Venus and had their appearances changed forever. This is known to be the beginning of the Dark Elves.

Narccius left Ladia after seeing her changed appearance and since then, the Dark Elves detest of the betraying Humans and the cunning midgets.


An agent from the Dark Elf court who strikes viciously with daggers and twin swords, capable of attacking enemies in mid-air through various aerial moves.

  • Attacks with constant chain-actions based on swift movement.
  • Can perform rapid rushes either on ground or in the air.

Physical Atk.




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