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Pit of Incarceration


  • The Pit of Incarceration dungeon will be added to the Valley of the Fallen Souls area.
    - It's a Solo dungeon.
    - The 1st and 2nd Pits will be added.
    - Each Pit houses different types of villains.


  • The Pit of Incarceration Episode quests will be added.
    - They are unlocked after the Soldoros's Decision Episode quest: Enlightenment.


Entry/Dungeon Rules

  • You must be Level 95 or above to enter.   
  • You can enter this dungeon through the Valley of the Fallen Souls after completing the Pit of Incarceration quest.
  • You can register 3 characters to play this dungeon every day.        
    - These registered characters can move between the 1st and 2nd Pits without restriction.    
    - The Registered Characters list is reset daily at 9:00 a.m.   
  • No Entry materials, Fatigue, or equipment durability is required.
  • Skills cost less MP inside the Pit of Incarceration than outside of it.
  • Each floor (room) has a time limit.        
    - Once you reach this time limit, you will fail to clear the floor and be sent back to town.    
    - You can increase the time limit by defeating Normal/Named/Boss monsters or decreasing their HP.    
    - Clear a floor, and all your used skills' cooldown will be decreased, depending on the time you have left.    
    - Their cooldown will not be decreased if you didn't fight.
    - When you enter a floor, your battle begins on the count of 3, or more quickly if you attack first.
  • Your character, if it dies, will automatically resurrect after a while.        



  • The 1st and 2nd Pits share rewards.
    - Common/Uncommon/Unique equipment
    - Shining Sky Fragments
    - Each dungeon clear title (Once per character)


  • You can get rewards from a total of 10 floors, and you'll get the rewards for the floor you cleared, regardless of the dungeon.
    - Example: If you clear the first 4 floors in the 2nd Pit, and then switch to the 1st Pit, then you can get rewards, starting from the 5th floor of that Pit.


  • Your registered characters can get rewards from these 2 Pits once a day.
    - Once they receive a reward from a floor, they can't get more rewards from the same floor for the rest of the day.
    - You can reenter the dungeon even if you've received all your rewards for the day.


  • You will get a Title reward upon clearing each Pit for the first time, and it will be added to your Title Book.


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