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  • The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection will be added.
    - It's a massive dungeon for parties of 4.
    - Here, you can find Epic and Mythic equipment and a variety of monster cards.




Entry Rules

  • Must be Level 100 or above.
  • You can enter this content once a day, up to 3 times a week.
    - You can receive Weekly rewards twice.
    - Your Daily Entry count will be reset daily at 9:00 a.m.
    - Your Weekly Entry count will be reset on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m.


How to Enter

  • Complete the Epic quest, Path to the High Place, to enter The Oculus.
  • You can create a party through NPC Knight Robato in the Oculus channel.
    - After creating a party, you can enter the right-hand side area, and then enter The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection through NPC Highmore.
  • For parties of 4 or more.
    - Parties of fewer players can't enter.
  • At least 5,750 Exorcism is recommended.



Entry Materials/Fatigue

  • No Entry materials are required.
  • 30 Fatigue is consumed upon entering.
    - At least 30 Fatigue is required to enter.




Time Limit

  • When you enter, the Ritual Completion gauge will begin to increase.
    - Your mission fails if you let this gauge reach 100%, and the entry you used will be reset.
    - Certain Grim Seeker monsters decrease Ritual Completion by 20%.
    - You can retry this as many times as you want within the time limit, so long as you stay in the same party.
    - You will lose your chance to reenter if you leave the party.
  • Life Tokens are limited to 2 per party.
    - You can increase your max Life Token limit by defeating the Pandemonium monster, Volcano Spider.
  • Certain Consumables are restricted from use in this content.
    - Certain Consumable Puppets are restricted from use.
    - Sacred Blessings, Heavenly HP Potions, Heavenly Potions, Divine Revival Formulas, and Immortality Formulas can't be used.



  • At the start, you can use the Insert key or the Mini-map hotkey to view the Statue Board in simplified or detailed form.
    - Party leaders can use the Retreat button to retreat from the dungeon.
    - After retreating, you can resume the dungeon through NPC Highmore in town.
    - When you resume, you will restart at the beginning point of your last floor, and Normal monsters will respawn.


  • 3 different types of monsters appear, each with unique effects.
    - Grim Seekers: Defeat Hellcat Louise and Lone Roseberry, and the Weaken Barrier effect will be activated, decreasing your Ritual Completion by a certain amount and adding the Damage Intensification effect to your party.
    - Imposters: Defeat Blood Ria and Nerolotte, and the Chaotic Effect weakens, removing the current floor's Monster Reinforcement effect and restoring your party's vision in different stages.
    - Pandemonium Monster: Defeat Volcano Spider to increase your max Life Token limit.
    - Pandemonium Monster: Defeat Tria Celebrum to save the merchant NPC, Trainee Nayu.
    - You can buy The Oculus-exclusive items from the saved Nayu.




The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection Rewards

Dungeon Drop Rewards

Rewards Acquisition Method Details
Mythic and Epic Equipment
The Boss monster, Prophet Ezra, creates a chance of dropping it. Level 100 Epic and Mythic equipment
23 – 28 Time's Guide Stones
Dropped from the Boss monster, Prophet Ezra. Guide of Wisdom Entry material.
A stone, imbued with the energy of the Time Lords, that was created to stop the Transcended.
It detects the Transcended that appear inside the spacetime rifts.



Dungeon Clear Rewards

Rewards Acquisition Method Details
46 Black Crystals Clear reward Crystallized energy of the Dark Souls that possesses a great power.
Can be used to further enhance Supertemporal armor and Black Sky's Power accessories/Special Equipment.
(Source: The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection, Basement of Pain, Black Shrine)
90 – 110 Grim Seeker's Dark Souls
  • Clear reward
  • VIP Premium Contract Bonus Reward: Additional 9 – 11 count
  • Gold Card Reward: Additional 100 count

The dark souls of the Grim Seekers determined to resurrect Apostles.
Used for buying Level 100 Epic Pots at Knight Robato Shop, or performing certain quests.
Also used for converting equipment through the Dark Soul Converter.
(Source: The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection)

The Oculus Monster Cards Gold Card reward The Oculus the Sanctum of Resurrection Named/Boss monster cards
Product of Wisdom Recipes Gold Card reward 8 kinds of Product of Wisdom Recipes
  • Recipe: Halgi's Ring
  • Recipe: Fast Future Earrings
  • Recipe: Perfect Control
  • Recipe: All Elemental Crystal
  • Recipe: Wesley's Strategy Commanding Baton
  • Recipe: LaDainian's Ball
  • Recipe: Forbidden Contract Book
  • Recipe: Condensed Mana Vortex



Quest Rewards

Rewards Acquisition Method Details
Purged Soul Box Awarded upon clearing the Put Them to Rest quest. Generates a Level 100 Untradeable Epic armor, Special Equipment, or accessory of your choice.
Equipment obtained through this box can be converted into different
Untradeable Epic items, except for weapons, through Knight Robato's Dark Soul Converter.
(Black Crystal-fused equipment excluded.
Items from Purged Soul Boxes can't be Transcended or disassembled.)



Shop Purchase Rewards

Rewards Acquisition Method Details
Sealed Dark Soul Pot Purchasable at Knight Robato Shop in the Central Barracks Randomly generates a Level 100 Untradeable Epic weapon, armor, accessory, or Special Equipment.
(Black Crystal-fused equipment excluded.)



The Grim Seeker's Dark Soul Converter

  • The Grim Seeker's Dark Soul Converter will be added.    
  • The Dark Soul Converter menu will be added to NPC Robato.    
  • Available for use in The Oculus channel and on the sides of the Central Barracks in West Coast in the Normal channel.    
  • Only the Epic equipment from the Purged Soul Box awarded for the [Side Story] Put Them to Rest quest, can be converted.
    - Epic equipment obtained through other routes can't be converted.
  • Items can be converted to any Level 100 Untradeable Epic equipment, except for weapons and Level 100 Upgrade equipment.    
  • There is no limit to item exchanges.    
  • This conversion requires 70 Grim Seeker's Dark Souls and 1 Epic Soul per exchange, no matter how many times you exchange.    
  • Conversion resets the equipment's Enchantment, Reinforcement, and Amplification levels and item grade.    
    ※ You can move Enchantment, Reinforcement, and Amplification levels to different equipment through Equipment Inheritance.
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