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Other Changes




New Feature: Avatar Market

  • New area and its associated systems will be added for trading, browsing, and showcasing Avatars.


How to enter Avatar Market

  • NPC Hills can be found at West Coast area.

- Enter Avatar Market via "Enter Avatar Market" menu under Hills.


  • Shortcut for Avatar Market is added to Main Menu.

- Click on ESC Menu -> Avatar Market to enter Avatar Market channel directly.


Avatar Market Map


New NPCs (Hills, Dalvi)

  • All Avatar Market contents are accessible under these new NPCs' sub menu located in the Main Hall.
  • Character's Aura effect will be disabled in Avatar Market channel.


NPC menu - Avatar Market

  • In order to purchase displayed Avatar set, simply click on each Avatar set slot.

- Purchased items will be sent to your mailbox immediately.

  • Click on [☆] button to register appealing Avatar set to Wish List.
  • Click on [+] button to navigate Avatar Market with detailed search options.
  • Click on [Avatar Info] button to check specific information of each Avatar sets.

  • Click on [Find Option] button to access advanced search mode.

  • Your registered Avatar set can be review at [Registered] tab.

- Cancellation of registration charges 0.5% of posted price.

- Any unsold or unclaimed Avatar set will be deleted after 180 days.

- Sold Avatar set's price will be sent immediately to your mailbox after 3% fee deduction.

  • Favorited Avatar sets can be reviewed at [Wish List] tab.
  • Avatar trading history can be reviewed at [Market Price] tab.

- Market Price is updated on 00:00 UTC daily.


How to Register

  • 2 or more Avatar parts are required to be registered on Avatar Market.

- Avatar set's title will be set automatically.

- Only tradable Avatars are registrable.

- 3% Avatar Market fee will be applied on your total price.

- Price of Avatar set cannot exceed your character's gold holding limit.

- Emblem status determines number and rarity of Emblems attached on Avatars.


NPC menu - Browse Avatars

  • Tradable Avatars can be browsed via [Browse Avatars] menu.
  • Click on [Search] button to located specific Avatar set.
  • [Like] vote is limited 1,000 times per account.

- Each Avatar set can only receive 1 [Like] vote.


NPC menu - Showcase Avatar

  • Other adventurers across the Arad can inspect and evaluate your showcased Avatar sets. 
  • Click on [Avatar Info] button to check detailed information of the Avatar set.

  • [Like] vote is limited 1,000 times per account.

- Each Avatar set can only receive 1 [Like] vote per.

  • Your showcased Avatar set can be reviewed at [Showcased] tab.

- Showcased Avatar sets will be reset on end of each season.

  • Most upvoted Hall of Fashion winners can be reviewed at [Hall of Fashion] tab.
  • Each season ends on 1st day of every month.


How to Showcase

  • 2 or more Avatar parts are required to be registered on Showcase Avatar.
  • Showcased Avatar sets will still remain in your inventory.
  • Any type of Avatars can be showcased except timed ones.
  • Up to 6 Avatar sets can be showcased per character.
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