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Neo: Enchantress







Skill Introduction

Icon Skill Level Description
Ominously Smiling Eyes 95

Increases Basic Atk. and Advanced Skill Atk., and creates additional effects for certain skills.

  • Harvest
    - If the skill fails to hit any enemies, then its cooldown will now decrease to 1 second.
    - This Cooldown Reduction effect is only applied once per casting.


  • Madd the Guard
    - The Enchantress's faithful guard, Madd, takes damage for her once and pushes away enemies in front.
Affection EXPO 95 Picks up enemies within a massive birdcage made of brambles and keeps them on display for the birdcage's duration. Damaged enemies within the birdcage increase your Hex Doll stacks.
Curtain Call 100 Performs a puppet show about the end of bold trespassers in the Forest of Dolls.
- Creates a different effect, depending on the Awakening skill used to activate it.



Enchantress Changes

  • Rose Vines
    - Atk. will be increased by 14.1%.


  • Madd Mad Slash
    - Atk. will be increased by 9.2%.


  • Madd Straight
    - Atk. will be increased by 14.2%.


  • Hot Affection
    - Atk. will be increased by 12.2%.


  • Harvest
    - Atk. will be increased by 9.6%.


  • Madd the Guard
    - Atk. will be increased by 14.7%.


  • Jumping Bear Press
    - Atk. will be increased by 9.9%.


  • Destiny Puppet
    - The item option, Destiny Puppet additional buff effect intensification +5%, will be transferred to the Destiny Puppet skill.


  • Marionette
    - Atk. will be increased by 14.8%.


  • Hex
    - Atk. will be increased by 9.7%.


  • Terrible Roar
    - Atk. will be increased by 9.4%.
    - Its casting delay will be decreased.


  • Garden of Pain
    - Atk. will be increased by 11.4%.
    - Multi-hit Recoil will be decreased.
    - Attack range along the Y axis will be increased.


  • Forest of Dolls
    - Atk. will be increased by 8.7%.


  • Petite Diablo
    - Party member Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. bonus will be deleted.


  • Bug Fixes
    - Marionette: Its tooltip will now properly display the information about its performance improving as per INT.
    - Eternal Possession: Your target will no longer become visibly clear when you return to town in the middle of casting this skill.
    - Terrible Roar: It can now be properly canceled by Jumping Bear Press.


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