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Sirocco Squad Mode

Sirocco Squad Mode

  • The Sirocco Raid Squad mode will be added.
  • This Squad mode is Solo content, and you can enter the dungeon with up to 3 Elite Members that you have set up.
  • You can set up Elite Members in the Explorer Club (J) > Elite Members tab.
  • Elite Members, while in use for the Sirocco Squad mode, can't be added to another until 09:00 UTC the next day.
  • They can, however, be used for the content and have their Elite Member settings changed without restriction.
  • You can play once a day, 2 days a week, between Friday ~ Sunday.
  • This Squad mode shares its Entry count with the Normal and Guide Sirocco Raid modes.
  • Up to 3 characters can be bound to this dungeon every week, and only those bound characters can enter it.
  • These bound characters are shared between the Squad and Guide modes.
  • Starting the Squad dungeon binds your current character to it. (Reset on Tuesdays)
  • The dungeon's time limit will be deleted.
  • The Squad dungeon features the same process and patterns as the Guide dungeon.
  • 1 Small Purging Relic is required to use the Sirocco Raid Squad mode.
  • You can get it through the Small Purging Relic Box sold at the Raid Shop.


How to Enter

  • In the Sirocco Raid Group (Solo) channel, select NPC Shinjang's Create Raid Group menu, and then Squad (Solo) to create a Raid Group.
  • The Entry material, Small Purging Relic, can be obtained through the Small Purging Relic Box sold at the Raid Shop.
  • Move to the Lobby on the right side and select NPC Zanbato Aganzo's Start Raid menu to start the Raid.


Basic Rules

  • Entering this dungeon doesn't cost Fatigue.
  • Life Tokens are limited to 4 per subdungeon.
  • At least 5,938 Exorcism is required.
  • The same Consumable use limit as the Normal Raid is applied.
  • Phantasmal Healing Potions sold by NPC Aganzo can be used.​



  • The 'Radiant Mirror' and 'Radiant Image' buff will be applied.



  • The following rewards are given for clearing the Sirocco Raid Squad mode.
  • Compared to the Normal Sirocco Raid, this dungeon creates a low chance of the Gold Card, but everything else—equipment, cards, etc.—has the same drop rate.
  • The Sirocco Raid Squad mode, when cleared, doesn't add items to the Loot Shop > Raid Special List.


Category Type Rewards
Chase Raid Group
  • Randomly generates one of the following.
    - 2 Petal Quartzes
    - 3 Petal Quartzes
Subjugation Normal
  • 160 Undaunted Determinations
  • Randomly generates one of the following.
    - 1 Petal Quartz
    - 2 Petal Quartzes
Raid Group
  • Randomly generates one of the following
    - 9 Petal Quartzes
    - 10 Petal Quartzes
    - 11 Petal Quartzes
    - 12 Petal Quartzes
    - 16 Petal Quartzes
    - 12 Petal Quartzes + 12 Exquisite Petal Quartzes
    - 9 Petal Quartzes + 1 Sirocco Unique/Legendary monster card
    - 9 Petal Quartzes + 1 Immaterial Essence
    - 9 Petal Quartzes + 1 Tearful Residue, Faithful Residue, or Scented Residue
    - 9 Petal Quartzes + 1 Lv. 100 Sirocco Epic Bottoms, Ring, or Sub Equipment
    - 9 Petal Quartzes + 1 Lv. 100 Sirocco Product of Wisdom weapon or armor
    - 9 Petal Quartzes + 1 Lv. 100 Mythic equipment
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