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Asrahan: Curtains of Mu


  • The new Act “Asrahan: Curtains of Mu” will be added.
    - This Act can be accepted by characters with 23,529 Fame or higher.
    - Can be progressed after accepting the Lv. 110 Act Quest “Back to the Misty Plateau.”



New Area - Asrahan

  • “Asrahan” will be added as a new Town to the World Map.
  •  Can be entered after completing the Lv. 110 Act Quest “Forced Entry.”



New Town - Asrahan: House of Mu

The innermost area of Asrahan.

This is a monumental area where special rituals in honor of the God of Mist are held. Usually only accessible by high-ranking worshippers for management duties, there are set days where it is open to all Eye of Mu followers.

Currently, a Border Ward has been formed due to the turbulence of the God of Mist’s memories. The World of Rumination, which is the entrance to the God of Mist’s dreams, can be entered through it, but it is extremely unstable.



Other Changes

  • “Asrahan: Curtains of Mu” content will be added to DFO Chronicles Season 13.
  • New NPCs will be added upon completing the Lv. 110 Act Quest “In the Same Direction.”
    - Forest Messenger Camilla
    - Hazel, Protector of Knowledge 
    - Ethan, the Eye of Mu Follower



Asrahan: Curtains of Mu

  • <Asrahan: Curtains of Mu> content will be added.
    - Can be progressed after accepting the Lv. 110 Act Quest “In the Same Direction”.
  • <Asrahan: Curtains of Mu> can be entered on the same days as previous Raids.
    - Can be entered on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • <Asrahan: Curtains of Mu> will be temporarily available on Tuesday (JUL 9) for this week. Starting the content will reduce your weekly entry count.


Content Information

Category Description
Create Party
Entry Level Lv. 110
Recommended Party Size 1-4 players
Recommended Fame 53,680
Entry Fatigue Points None
Weekly Entry Limit


* Starting the content will reduce your weekly entry count.

Weekly Reward Count


* Weekly rewards can be obtained upon defeating the final boss within the time limit.
- Weekly reward count will be reduced upon obtaining rewards.

* Defeating the boss will cause your weekly reward count to be marked as 0.

* Content cannot be accessed upon consuming all weekly reward counts even if you have remaining weekly entry counts.

* Weekly entry limit and reward count will be reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.


Content Entry

  • <Asrahan: Curtains of Mu> Raid can be entered after clearing the “In the Same Direction” quest.
    - <Asrahan: Curtains of Mu> channel can be entered starting from 53,680 Fame.
  • Parties can be formed in the <Asrahan: Curtains of Mu> channel through NPC “Forest Messenger Camilla”.
    - Can be formed through NPC “Forest Messenger Camilla” or the “Create Party” button in the Find Party UI.
  • Content can be started after creating/joining a part and moving to the right-side area through NPC “Forest Messenger Camilla”.


Content Rules


  • A 30-minute time limit will be applied upon entering the dungeon. 
    - Exceeding the 30-minute time limit will result in a clear failure. 
  • You will be able to retreat from the dungeon midway, and a penalty time will be given upon retreat. The number of consumable uses will be limited. 
    - The number of Life Token uses will be limited. 
    ㄴ Additional Life Tokens can be obtained by defeating certain named monsters. 
    ㄴ All party members will be automatically revived when defeating named monsters and the final boss.
    ㄴ Upon revival, 30% of HP/MP will be recovered. 
    - The use of recovery-type consumables and Dungeon Life Online throwable consumables will be limited. 
    - The use of doll-type consumables will be restricted.


Joining and Leaving Parties

  • You will not be able to join a party that is currently engaged in the content. 
  • You will not be able to leave the party while inside the dungeon. 
  • You will be able to leave the party after retreating to the waiting room.


Content Failure

  • Failing to defeat the final boss within the time limit will result in a failed clear 
  • Upon failure, weekly entry counts will be restored.


Mission Abandonment & Continuation

  • The party leader will be able to abandon or re-enter the mission through NPC “Forest Messenger Camilla”. 
    - To abandon the mission, a vote will be conducted among party members upon which the mission will be abandoned if all members agree.
    - Abandoning the mission will reset all dungeon progress.
    - Upon abandonment, weekly entry counts will be restored. 
    - To retry, you will need to leave the existing party and create a new one.
    - When continuing, you will be able to play with the dungeon progress maintained from before retreating. 
       - However, you will start from the starting point.


Area Buff

  • The area buff "Ergon’s Jade" will be added. 
    - The "Ergon’s Jade" buff will be applied in the corridor of the Asrahan channel’s Town. 
    - Upon entering the dungeon, Strength and Intelligence will be increased. 
    - The stat increase from the "Ergon’s Jade" buff will not affect buffers’ buff skills. 
    - When in a party of two or more dealers, the "Ergon’s Jade" buff will be enhanced.


Content Progression

  • You will be able to create a party through the NPC "Forest Messenger Camilla". 
  • After creating the party, you will move to the Asrahan inner waiting room through the right portal and start the content via NPC "Forest Messenger Camilla". 
  • At the start of the content, you will be able to choose one Sacred Beast from the selection window to receive its help throughout the content. 
  • You will be able to enter the final boss map by defeating certain named monsters.



Boss Rotation

  • One of five monsters will be selected as the boss each week, while the other four will be placed as named monsters. 
    - Each named monster will possess special memories and defeating them will grant you their memory effects. 
    - The memory effects possessed by each named monster will be randomly assigned for each playthrough.
  • The final boss will have more health than the named monsters. 
  • The final boss will recover HP based on the level of the selected Sacred Beast. 
    - Normal: 50% / Unlocked: 20% / Fully Unlocked: 0%


Name Effect
Manifested Memory of Rage Increases all party members' Overall Damage by 15%.
Internalized Memory of Harmony Grants double the amount of Sacred Beast EXP upon defeating monsters.
Awakened Memory of Birth Increases Life Token count by 2.
Faced Memory of Truth Grants access to the last memory.


Sacred Beast Selection

  • Before starting the content, you will be able to select one Sacred Beast through NPC "Forest Messenger Camilla". 
    - Three out of five Sacred Beasts will have an equal chance to appear.
    - Each Sacred Beast will have its own special skills and elemental effects. 
    ㄴ Special Skills: Each Sacred Beast will offer effects that help the party. 
    ㄴ Elemental Effects: Monsters with elemental weaknesses to the selected Sacred Beast will be weakened, causing them to take increased damage throughout the content. 
  • Sacred Beasts will gain experience by defeating named monsters and can evolve to provide stronger effects. 
    - Sacred Beasts will be divided into three stages: Normal, Unlocked, and Fully Unlocked. 
    - When its EXP reaches 100%, the Sacred Beast will evolve to the next stage. 
  • Once selected, a Sacred Beast cannot be replaced during the content.


Element Name Icon Special Skill Icon Elemental Effect (Always Active)
Wind Meringue Copies all Sacred Beast skills Increases damage received by Cladis Behind the Curtains
Fire Wonder Decreases monster’s current health Increases damage received by Shining Diane and Mooth
Rain Log Resets skill cooldowns Increases damage received by Unfortunate Fors
Lightning Niagu Decreases Neutralization Gauge Increases damage received by Brim of the Wrathful Mist
Snow Platy Increases Overall Damage Increases damage received by Burning Semiani


Elemental Harmony 

  • When a named enemy is defeated, the elemental energy they possess will remain on the map. 
  • Players will be able to absorb this energy and use it via the “Special Key.” 
  • Each type of energy will have different effects. Using the energy will consume it and activate the effects. 
    - If players retreat and re-enter without absorbing the energy, it will disappear.


Name Image Effect
Raging Wind Energy

User will become invincible and dash forward.

After dashing, the user's All Elemental Damage will be increased for a set duration.

Flaring Flame Energy

Strong fire energy will spread across the map, increasing the Overall Damage of all party members for a set duration.

User will experience a decrease in defense for a set duration.

Curtain-Veiled Rain Energy Rain spears will be created for a set duration, attacking monsters.
Wounded Lightning Energy After a set duration, lightning will strike the user's location, reducing the Neutralization Gauge of monsters hit.
Unfortunate Snow Energy

Users will become invincible for a set duration.

Frost zones will be maintained for a set duration, reducing damage received by all party members, including the user.

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