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Temporal Rift

Temporal Rift is an Epic equipment-farming mode, which you can enter at the cost of Demon Invitations.
Unlike normal Hell Party, this mode does not generate Epic Souls or Hell Orbs, but it offers a higher Epic equipment drop rate.


Temporal Rift Features

Temporal Rift is different from the normal Hell Party mode, as shown below.

Item Normal Hell Party Temporal Rift
Epic Equipment Drop Normal Relatively high
Epic Equipment Drop Monster Hell Party Monsters Boss Monsters
Epic Fragment Exchanger Gabriel Yes No
Epic Soul / Hell Orb Drop Yes No
# of Epic Fragment Drops Shared (divided by # of party members) Not shared
Demon Invitation Cost Time Gate: 20 - 22
Power Station: 23 - 24
Castle of the Dead: 26
Metro Center: 28
Time Gate: 24
Power Station: 26
Castle of the Dead: 28
Metro Center: 30
Epic Fragment Quantity Normal: 6
Expert: 7
Master: 9
King: 10
Slayer: 11
Normal: 11
Special: 13
Difficulty Normal - Slayer Master
Fatigue Cost Amount varies depending on dungeons 6

- Epic Equipment / Epic fragment drops are not shared in Temporal Rift to promote party play.
- The Random Hell Party gauge is not charged during Temporal Rift mode.
- Hell Party Tickets can be used.


How to Enter

To enter a dungeon on Temporal Rift, complete the necessary Feat. Quests and click the Hell Mode button in the Select Dungeon screen.
Entering Temporal Rift requires Demon Invitations.


- Time Gate: Hell Party EP 1. Supplementary Story (Lv. 77)
- Power Station: Hell Party EP 2. Supplementary Story (Lv. 81)
- Castle of the Dead: Hell Party EP 3. Supplementary Story (Lv. 85)
- Metro Center: Hell Party EP 4. Supplementary Story (Lv. 90)


Dungeon Levels and Special Dungeon

Temporal Rift creates a low chance of generating a special dungeon where you can fight Cosmofiends.
This special dungeon gives 2 additional Epic Fragments when cleared.

The following is each dungeon's Level and dropped equipment Levels

Region Dungeon Level Dropped Equipment Level
Time Gate Lv. 77 - 80 Lv. 75 - 80
Power Station Lv. 82 - 85 Lv. 80 - 85
Castle of the Dead Lv. 85 - 88 Lv. 85
Metro Center Lv. 90 - 93 Lv. 85 - 90


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