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Guide Missions

Guide Missions

- New missions that tie in with the DFO Guide quests.

- These Guide missions can only be completed once per account, and will not reset even if you receive Seria’s Greeting again.


Guide Mission List

Level Guide Mission Item Description

Lv. 30

Clear the Avatar Guide I Quest 

Welcome Back Contract Package (7 Days)

Activates a Welcome Back Contract package for 7 days.


  • Conqueror's Contract: Enables you to equip items that are 10 levels higher than your current Level.


  • Tactician's Contract: Enables you to learn skills that are 5 levels higher than your current Level.


  • Growth Contract: Increases EXP from completed quests and dungeon monsters, and Quest item drop rate by 20%.
    Certain effects differ, depending on your character's Growth mode. (Scenario Mode: Dungeon Clear EXP +20%. Fast Leveling Mode: Fatigue cost -1 per room.)

Lv. 40

Clear the Creature Guide I Quest 

Creature Food Box (150)

Contains 150 Creature Foods.

Lv. 50

Clear the Guild Join Guide I Quest 

Unique Gem Pouch(5)

Contains 1 Unique Gem that can be added to Guild Insignias.


These Gems are untradable.

Lv. 95

Clear the Buff Enhancement Guide I Quest 

Abyss Fragment x800

Used to buy the Legendary equipment that reinforces Active Buff Skill effects.



- Buy Fragmented Abyss Legendary Equipment Boxes (Ceberin/Zasura)

- Buy Untradable Fragmented Abyss Weapon S Recipes (Ceberin/Zasura)

Lv. 95

Clear the Retexturization Guide I Quest 

Single-Use Retexturizer x2

Retexturizes Legendary/Epic/Mythic Armor items past a certain Level.


No other materials (Legendary Souls, Gold, or special materials for each texture) required.

- Legendary: Lv. 100

- Epic: Lv. 85, 95, 100, or 105

- Mythic: Lv. 105

Lv. 100

Clear the Adventurer Fame Guide I Quest 

Lv. 105 Epic Weapon Selection Box

Contains a Level 105 Untradable Fixed Option Epic weapon of your choice that can be found in Normal dungeons. (Option level is equivalent to that of those which can be obtained in Expert difficulty Normal Dungeons.)

Lv. 100

Clear the Weapon Element Guide I Quest 

Ari Weapon Bead Selection Box

Contains an Ari Weapon Bead of your choice.


* Contents Info

- Ari Weapon Bead (Shadow)

- Ari Weapon Bead (Water)

- Ari Weapon Bead (Fire)

- Ari Weapon Bead (Light)

- Ari Weapon Bead (STR/INT +45)

Lv. 100

Clear the Rune/Talisman Guide I Quest 

Lv. 100 Unique Talisman Selection Box

Contains 1 Unique Talisman for the Advancement you want.


The resulting Talisman can't be traded, and its Rune types, which determine its additional effects, are randomly decided.


Caution: Multiple Talismans for the same skill can't be used at the same time.

Lv. 105

Clear the Enchanting Guide I Quest 

Ari Necklace/Bracelet/Ring Bead Selection Box x1

Contains an Ari Necklace, Bracelet, or Ring Enchanting Bead of your choice.


* Contents Info

- Ari Necklace/Bracelet/Ring (All Elemental Damage +23)

- Ari Necklace/Bracelet/Ring (STR/INT/VIT/SPR +55)

Lv. 105

Clear the Equipment Reinforcement Guide I Quest 

Single-use Equipment Reinforcer x5

Creates a chance of reinforcing equipment.

No Clear Cube Fragments or Gold required.

Lv. 105

Clear the Equipment Refinement Guide I Quest 

Single-use Weapon Refiner x5

Creates a chance of refining equipment.

No Powerful Energies required.

Lv. 110

Clear the Equipment Amplification Guide I Quest 

Single-use Equipment Amplifier x2

Creates a chance of amplifying equipment.
No Crystallized Chaoses or Gold required.


* The Lv. 105 Epic Weapon Selection Box offers the options available on Normal Dungeon Expert mode.

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