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The Night of Revelation content will be added.

  • The Night of Revelation is Solo content that you can play with your Elite Members,
    consisting of dungeons in the Stru Mountains set post-Exile Mountains story.
  • You can use this content to get Revelation Fragments used to buy Epic Pots, certain Material items,
    and Enchanting Beads.
  • You'll have a chance of getting exclusive Enchanting Beads upon clearing dungeons.


The Night of Revelation Episode quests will be added.

  • You can perform them at Level 100 after the What We're Missing quest.
  • Complete the Unliftable Curse quest to enter The Night of Revelation channel.
  • You can enter the Night of Revelation channel through NPC Mia the Druid in the Normal Chantri area
    or the Dungeon Lobby.



Entry Rules

  • Must be Level 100 or above.
  • You can enter this content 6 times a week per account and twice a day per character.
  • You can receive Weekly rewards 6 times.
  • Your Daily Entry count will be reset daily at 09:00 UTC
  • Your Weekly Entry count will be reset on Tuesdays at 09:00 UTC



How to Enter

  • The Night of Revelation channel will be added to the Select Channel > Special Area tab.
  • Enter the left area in the Night of Revelation channel to use the Night of Revelation content.
  • The Night of Revelation is Solo content, and you can enter the dungeon with up to 3 Elite Members that you have set up.
  • You can set up Elite Members in the Explorer Club (J) > Elite Members tab.
  • Elite Members added to The Night of Revelation can't be added to other dungeons until 09:00 UTC the next day.
  • They can, however, be used for the content and have their Elite Member settings changed without restriction.
  • At least 5,803 Exorcism is recommended.
  • No Entry materials or Fatigue is required.
  • If you die and are sent back to town, you'll be given a Retry chance.
  • If you leave the content of your own accord, e.g., by selecting Go to Town, you'll forfeit your Retry chance.


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