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Outskirts of Roschest

After the brutal Crusade, Michael sealed off the Dark Side with Ozma in it.
Since then, the Priest Order has tried and succeeded in purging the Roschest area outside the Dark Side over a long time, but not to the full extent.
Outskirts of Roschest, evil still lurks and the deathly energy
that plagues the land keeps people at bay.



Graveyard of Terror

Everywhere the Cult of Darkness goes, it turns the land into a facsimile of the Dark Side.
The Graveyard of Terror is mainly influenced by Astaros, one of the Three Dark Knights.
The terrible energy in the air pounces on the living as soon as they set foot in the graveyard,
driving them insane with uncontrollable fear that only the strongest of minds can resist.



Paradise of Ruin

The briars and brambles forming this forest are laced with sharp thorns, ready to strike at anyone that carelessly sets foot into their midst.
They aren't the only danger lurking in this area.
There's also the Ghosts of Destruction residing within the trees and vines that randomly appear to scare away intruders.
At the heart of this ruined paradise stands a towering tree, believed to have been a greatsword that had lost its owner.



Cradle of Despair

Here lie sleeping cocoons containing Imposter corpses and weapons that date back to the Black Crusade.
The weapons, instead of gathering rust like most old, abandoned ones do,
look as sharp as if they were forged yesterday.
Sometimes, the cocoons make noise that sounds alarmingly similar to heartbeats.



Chaos Gate

The basin that's believed to have been the Dark Side sometimes emits an ominous light.
This wasteland still reeks of blood after all these years since countless heroes died fighting here for the world's peace.
The two pillars that stand soaring into the sky look like doors that connect to some unknown place.


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