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The Grave Tower dungeon will be added to the Valley of the Fallen Souls.



Entry Rules

  • It's accessible through the Valley of the Fallen Souls.
  • Level 100 or above is required.
  • A Solo dungeon in which parties are not allowed.
  • 10,815 Adventurer Fame is required.
    - You must meet this Adventurer Fame requirement to enter the Grave Tower.
  • No Fatigue is required. Your character will be bound to the Grave Tower.
    - Up to 6 characters can be bound per account.
    - Bound characters can be checked through the Grave Tower dungeon slot.
    - Your Grave Tower-bound characters' weekly highest records will be displayed.
    - Your bind information will be reset on Tuesday at 09:00 UTC
    - Bound characters can retry the Grave Tower without limit.
    - When they retry, they'll restart on Floor 1.



Area Buff

  • When you enter the Grave Tower, you'll receive the Astrologer's Clairvoyance buff.
    - Increases STR/INT, Physical/Magical Def., and Max HP/MP inside the dungeon.
    - Additionally provides 15% Bonus Damage to the classes whose Neo: Awakening version is not yet available.



Basic Rules

  • The Grave Tower has 100 floors of graves piled up on each other by Grave.
  • Each floor is fraught with monsters that Grave created with his magic of the dead. When you enter a floor, its monsters stir awake and come to fight you.
  • The higher you go, the stronger Grave's magic and his monsters.
  • Grave's magic of the dead is incomplete. All his monsters have weaknesses. Attack their weaknesses to weaken them and inflict greater damage.
  • When you first enter the Grave Tower, you'll be moved to the Lobby.
  • Take the stairs to climb the tower and defeat monsters. Your ultimate objective is to reach the 100th floor.



Basic Systems

  • Once you defeat monsters on a floor, you can no longer auto-recover HP, MP, or skill cooldown on that floor.
  • Potions, elixirs, or dolls can't be used.
  • Life Tokens can't be used.
  • If you die or click the Retreat button on the upper right side, you'll be moved to the Lobby. There, you can collect your reward and exit the dungeon.
  • The Grave Tower is closed on Tuesdays at 8:55 UTC to reset its weekly player information and can't be accessed until the reset is completed.
  • Equipment durability is not consumed.



Time Limit

  • This Grave Tower is filled with Grave's wicked energy.
  • On every stage, you must clear a room and moved to the next within 60 seconds, or Grave will use his magic and fill the map with fog.
    - You can check your remaining time in the UI on the upper right side.
  • Grave's fog periodically decreases HP and inflicts increasing damage with time.
  • The countdown stops after you fully clear a stage and before you move on to the next.



Monster Break

  • Grave's monsters, created by his incomplete magic of the dead, are unstable and have weaknesses.
  • Successfully attack their weaknesses to fill the gauge on the upper left side.
  • When the gauge is filled, monsters will become Groggy and receive more damage than usual.
  • The types and effects of Monster Break are as follows.



<Monster Break>

Name Monster Break Break Activated Activation Conditions
Hold Break Hold or attack a set number of times.
Simultaneous occurrences count individually.
Back Attack Break A set number of back attacks
Counter Break A set number of counterattacks
Multi-hit Break A set number of attacks
Skill Break Use Clear Cube skills a set number of times.
Malee Break Stay within a set distance from monsters for 15 sec.
Ranged Break Stay a set distance away from monsters for 10 sec.




  • When defeated, Grave Tower monsters release their resentful energy and generate healing orbs.
  • These healing orbs restore a set amount of HP and MP when obtained.



Stage Skip

  • Play in the Grave Tower and save your record to skip a few floors and start from the middle in the next week, depending on your record.
    - Play in the Grave Tower to save your weekly highest record per character.
    - Enter the Tower again in the next week, and you can select the skipped stages that are 10 floors shy from your highest record for the last week.
    - You can select your skipped stages on Tuesdays at 09:00 UTC
    - You can check your skipped stages in the Dungeon Info window (appears when you place the cursor over the Grave Tower dungeon slot).
    - Your skipped stages will be reset if you don't enter the Tower in the next week.
    - Enter the Tower and climb the stairs. You'll skip the selected number of stages before you start fighting.
    - You can get rewards for the skipped stages at once upon entering the dungeon.



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