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Sirocco Raid Farming Improvement

Raid Shop

  • The following items will be added to the Raid Shop.


Icon Name Price Details
Immaterial Essence Box

220 Petal Quartzes

Generates 1 Immaterial Essence.
- 1 box per character only

Refund Pot: Immaterial Essence Box 1 Immaterial Essence Box A pot that exchanges Immaterial Essence Boxes for Petal Quartzes.
Generates 220 Petal Quartzes.
Chest of Circulation 55 Petal Quartzes Randomly converts 3 Sirocco Epic equipment into 1 Epic equipment for the Sirocco set you want.
- If equipment for the same Sirocco set you want exists among the materials, then it can appear as the resulting item.
- Immaterial Essence can't be used as a conversion material or appear as the conversion result.
The material equipment's grade and Reinforcement/Amplification/Enchantment effects can't be carried over.



Additional Updates

  • The [Sirocco Raid] Scattered Petals quest will now require a different number of Petal Quartzes. (437 -> 220)
  • NPC Shinjang's Forge of Light menu will now require a different number of Petal Quartzes (110 -> 55).
  • NPC Shinjang's Upgrade Equipment > Fusion Separation menu will no longer require materials for separating fused Sirocco equipment.


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