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Advancement: Shadow Dancer



Shadow Dancer


I won’t call my life of hiding in darkness
fate or destiny or make it
sound any nicer than it is.


I won’t say it’s beautiful like the primrose
that blooms at midnight.
We know ourselves best. Our hands are already stained in blood,
and our scars run deep from the burden of our sins.


But do not forget.
You are the ones who called for us.
You are the ones who created us.


Those who do not acknowledge their sins 
will suffocate in their own karma.
We will watch from the shadows
and see how long you will remain in the light.


- Words from a nameless Shadow Dancer



Shadow Dancer Intro

Thief’s 4th Advancement, Shadow Dancer appears.

- With deadly assassination techniques, she specializes in striking from behind. She must make adjustments to her strategy depending on the direction enemy is facing.
- Since Shadow Dancers are most effective when they are behind the enemy, they have abilities that allow them to get behind the enemy or manipulate enemy’s direction of attack.
- Also, most of the advancement skills have additional effects on a successful back attack. It is a character that maximizes effectiveness when you land a back attack.


Skill Intro

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Assassination Method 15 Shadow Dancer's signature assassination skill optimized for back attacks; this skill keeps your target from turning to face you when he is attacked from behind.
Also changes the effects of normal attack, Shining Cut, Eraser, and Ankle Cut.
  • Basic Attack: Enemies will face their back towards you when you land the 3rd attack.
  • Shadow Cut: Forcefully dazes super armor or grab-immune targets.
  • Shining Cut: Fixes Movement Speed. Enables an additional attack with an additional key input.
  • Eraser: Changes the finishing attack display and enables you to kick enemies that are immune to Grab.
  • Ankle Cut: Turns the skill's target backwards.
Shadow Trip 15 Quickly moves forward.
If she collides into an enemy, she moves behind the enemy.
This skill can be used in the middle of certain skills.
Neck Divider 15 Holds weapon with both hands and strikes it downward.
If this skill hits an enemy from behind, it delivers additional attacks.
This skill can also be used while you are airborne.
Shadow Dancing 20 Pulls out her shadow and then stretches it across a wide area.
When certain Shadow Dancer skills hit enemies from behind, a shadow image attacks bystander enemies.
Hold Up 20 Performs a slash from the ground up.
Downed and floating enemies are brought to their feet when hit by the slash.
This skill adds Immobility that ignores Hit Recovery.
Sharp Dagger 20 Dark Elf assassins' unique weapon maintenance method: uses secret scarlet maintenance oil and an obsidian whetstone to keep dagger blades lethally sharp.
Adds Weapon Attack Power and Hit Rate bonus when wearing Daggers.
Shadow Decoy 25 Summons a shadow image that taunts enemies while she hides from their detection. While hiding, your Critical Rate increases significantly.
Heart Thrust 25 Delivers a sharp-angled stab aimed at an enemy's vital point. If this skill hits the enemy from behind, it activates an additional attack that gouges out a chunk of flesh and Immobilizes the enemy.
The additional attack affects the enemy's muscles in such a way that his Max Hit Recovery decreases.
Assassin's Attitude 30 Focuses her mind and achieves higher Critical Rate and Critical Attack Power.
Abyss Drop 30 Uses centrifugal force to smash a grabbed enemy into the ground. You can use the direction keys to adjust middle/long distance and Y-axis moving direction.
When used during Backstep or while you are airborne, this skill smashes its target into the ground in front of you.
If this skill hits the enemy from behind, it widens the shock wave range and achieves enhanced Attack Power.
Blade Cyclone 35 Quickly spins blades in her both hands, attacking surrounding enemies.
You can use the direction keys to adjust the last attack direction. The spinning slash attack makes enemies turn their backs to you.
Final Destruction 40 Performs a flurry of deadly, spectacular attacks.
If this skill hits an enemy from behind, it splits the enemy with a powerful slash.
Assassination 45 Silently approaches and assassinates an enemy. The Shadow Dancer approaches an enemy from behind and delivers a deadly attack that quarters the enemy.
This skill inflicts greater damage when the target has lower HP.
Neck Divider Upgrade 55 Increases Neck Divider's Attack Power.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%
Hold Up Upgrade 55 Increases Hold Up's Attack Power and Immobility duration that ignores Hit Recovery.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%
  • Immobility Duration per Level: +5%
Heart Thrust Upgrade 55 Increases Heart Thrust's Attack Power and Hit Recovery Reduction duration.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%
  • Hit Recovery Reduction Duration per level: +10%
Abyss Drop Upgrade 55 Increases Abyss Drop's Attack Power.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%
Blade Cyclone Upgrade 65 Increases Blade Cyclone's Attack Power.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%
Final Destruction Upgrade 65 Increases Final Destruction's Attack Power.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%
Assassination Upgrade 65 Increases Assassination's Attack Power.
  • Atk. per Level: +10%


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