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Awakening: Nightmare





"On the morning after ‘Dairserk’s Birthday’, only death remained in the Banquet Hall which was once filled with boisterous celebration.


This is the account of the only survivor of ‘Dairserk’s Last Banquet’ which is considered to be the worst massacre perpetrated by the Assassin Guild known as the “Masquerade”.  All of the 104 guests of the banquet including the host Dairserk of the Dark Elves were brutally murdered.


The guests were skilled warriors and mages that gathered to celebrate the birthday of Dairserk. The banquet was held in a quiet villa which was a little way away from Underfoot. The security was heavy and only those with an invitation can enter. When the party was peaking at midnight, a wandering poet Chaebill coincidently found the villa. When he met with Dairserk, he mentioned the protection of Wanderer’s Star and asks to stay over for the night.


Dairserk who was quite intoxicated at the time, gladly accepted his request. Chaebill was guided to his room and fell into a deep sleep. He could have never imagined that he would be the only survivor of the gruesome event that was about to occur. All the guests, except for him turned into a cold corpse overnight. The incident sent shockwaves not only to the Dark Elves Society but to the entirety of Arad. It was the beginning of the nightmare called the Masquerade.


Having been the only survivor of the massacre, Chaebil was accused by many of conspiring with the perpetrators. The poor poet would live his entire life trying to prove his innocence which he ended in resentment. His innocence would only be proven after his death.


The atrocities caused by the Masquerade would become infamous throughout history. Even when it has been rumored that the famed assassin’s guild has already disbanded, the mere whisper of their name would bring fear into the hearts and minds of anyone who would hear it. To be a target of the Masquerade would mean certain death.


To sleep may mean eternal slumber, no one was safe. This is the reason why the assassins of the Masquerade are called Nightmares. 



Skill Intro

Icon  Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Rear Ambush 48 Awakening Passive Skill
A deadly ambush skill used by the agents of Masquerade. It enables you to attack an enemy by striking his weak spot from behind. Back Attacks achieve higher Attack Strength and Critical Rate.
Killing Shadow 50 The Nightmare quickly travels a broad area, slashing down enemies in its path. 
Each slashing motion generates a shadowy clone that joins the attack. 
In the end, the entire screen is filled with shadowy clones and afterimages of the Shadow Dancer's weapon.
Dagger Throw 60 Throws a dagger and sticks it into a target. The dagger remains in the target for a set duration.
This skill can also be used while you are airborne and additional hit can be activated in the air.
If the dagger hits as a back attack, an additional finishing attack will occur.
Shadow Sting 70 Slashes at an enemy, Immobilizing him, and then summons shadow images that simultaneously slash at the enemy from eight different directions.
If this skill hits the enemy from behind, it activates an additional finishing attack.


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