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2nd Awakening: Demon God


2nd Awakening:
Demon God












Recently, there is an entity that calls herself the ‘Demon God’ who is gathering forces.
This entity has allied with the Evil God Aten and has rallied powerful demons under her command.
She is rising as not only a leader but as the center of a religious belief. Whether the charisma which she holds to inspire the people is her own trait or gained by an external power is unknown. However, it’s certain that it is causing confusion with the existing order.
As for Aten, we must carry out an in-depth investigation about him.
Gods are born from faith and changed by faith. I wonder what kind of darkness lies beneath the thinking of the Black Sun God who is extremely powerful yet leaves inconsistent messages.... We must find out his true intensions and prepare for the worse.
Starting now, we must take a closer look at the coalition between the Demon God and Aten. To those who receive this letter, please hurry.

- From some old letter


Listen, fools!
You! Who are born from desolate lands? The feeble soul that continues to beg to survive.
How long will you continue to live without achieving anything and simply be satisfied with your miserable life?
Has the god you seek ever smiled upon you? Have you ever felt its existence? What sense do you have in keeping this old dogma?
Evil and the evil god that you loathe are all under my subjugation. If you dare call me a heresy, get on your knees and bow down your head. I will show you mercy.
Abandon the unseen and worship me, the one you can see. My powers are unquestionable! You will be saved and live comfortably under my watch.
Those who have betrayed me, do not fear. Revenge will not be upon you. Let us go on and build a new path together.
Only faith and belief will keep you safe. So open your eyes to the new God that has appeared before you.


- A message written in blood in a town where the people have disappeared



New Skills

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Avatar of Aten 75 Summons Aten's Avatar. Aten's Avatar shares its mind with the Demon God and grants various beneficial effects.
Aten's Command 75 Aten takes command of the Demon Soldiers and Magicians. Can only be used while Avatar of Aten is active. Improves the Demon Soldiers and Magician's ability to follow the Demon God. If a Demon God attempts to attack an enemy using a skill or a basic attack, Demon Soldiers and Magicians will cast any available skills immediately. Additionally, adds an effect that resurrects any monsters killed by the Genocide Crush skill. Buff effects and duration on resurrected monsters does not reset.
Smash Brawl 80 Swing your shield in a wide radius to immobilize enemies. Then, jump into the area with Demon Soldiers to perform a Smash Brawl. Pulls enemies who enter the Brawl area while the Smash Brawl is being cast. Smash Brawl can only be used when you have more than certain amount of Demon Soldiers summoned.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Aten Incarnation 85 Brings forth the Evil God Aten from the other dimension to obliterate the surroundings. 


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