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2nd Awakening: Gaia


2nd Awakening:









Oh dear noble spirits, the children of Grand Flores...
Oh my dear fairies, the pride and glory of Arad...
Greens are grown under the tree where we shared laughter together.
Petals are piled on the hills where we saw the stars together.
How many more winters must pass until the void from your absence is filled?


Our shoulders shall shiver from the chill,
as we watch you leave without a will.
Yet, we march to a long journey.
Marching even when our tears have not yet dried
for our heartfelt sorrow to the precious souls of protectors.


The forest raised us but what raised the forest is Arad.
You have left the forest, but made your mark in the world.
Let us protect Arad till the very end.
This is where my long fairy childhood ends.
To protect Arad in mother Gaia’s name.
- Gaia’s Song



New Skills

Icon  Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Shield of Courage 75 Increases Chain Rush start stack to 3 and the maximum stack amount to 1 for a set duration. Additionally, Chain Rush Atk. is increased. Can only be cast while Chain Rush buff is active. Shield of Courage can be cast while casting other skills. Casts immediately upon casting.
Chain Strike 75 Charge the shield with the energy gained from Chain Rush to deliver a powerful single blow. Damage increases based on the stack of Chain Rush at the time of casting. Using all of the concentrated power removes the Chain Rush stack gauge.
Nature's Fury 80 Slam the enemy with the shield then summon a vine to hold them in place. Growing vines pull enemies towards you, immobilizing them.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon  Skill Name  Level  Skill Description
Twilight Unicorn 85 Summons the Twilight Unicorn to charge the enemy three times. Unicorn luminates during the final phase of the charge, dealing damage in a wide radius.


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