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2nd Awakening:





Hmm... I guess it was about 5 years ago?


I was living day by day without any hope or dreams.  Let's just say it was a very uneventful life. I was so bored that I decided to enlist into the empire’s noble army. I thought maybe, I would get lucky, make a name for myself and get promoted. If I die, well, what can I do? That’s how bored I was back then. So there I was in the army with a plan and thought this should be a piece of cake, what could go wrong? Well the gods must have found it funny because I was assigned to this vicious looking guy that wielded some cursed lance that reeks of ill-omen. His stare was so scary and cold that everyone would tried to avoid him.


But at the same time it was a relief knowing he was on our side. No matter who the enemy was, he would crush them with his lance. It was victory upon victory, it started to become quite boring really. The outcome of the battle was always certain and I was left doing clean up duty.


But one day, we encountered an enemy with a similar beast like him. I just knew it on the first glance that he was on the same level as our leader. That's when I realized how scary it was to face someone as vicious and imposing as our leader. The fear and despair I felt  at that time still haunts me.


As they clashed there was a lingering hope in my heart that everything would be okay. Our leader hasn't lost a duel before, no reason to be worried. 
Was I ever so wrong.


Our leader was being forced back by the enemy. He fell multiple times but kept getting back up. It was a brutal fight but in the end, he was no match and lost. Fortunately, he didn’t die from his injuries but our situation was bad nonetheless. As we stared at defeat for the very first time, a miracle happened. Our leader who looked pretty much dead suddenly gained an incredible amount of power and started fighting back again.


The enemy was surprised at the sudden turn of events but had enough composure to fend off the attacks against him. It looked like everything was for naught but our half dead leader roared causing a huge shockwave that threw everyone off their feets. When I regained my footing, our leader was engulfed in a bright red light, his lance had become extremely large and was releasing ridiculous amounts of power. 


It was like a giant pillar piercing the sky.


He started swinging his gigantic lance not only at his adversary but the entire opposing army. Each swing would not only inflict heavy casualties against our enemies but would break the sky and land that it hits. It was total devastation. Who could have imagined such an outcome? The faces of our enemies were filled with pure terror.


And just like that, the battle was over. Our leader had completely annihilated the entire enemy army along with his adversary. There was no need to do any clean up since all the enemy soldiers were dead. The landscape had also been completely transformed. I’ve seen unimaginable things while following our godlike leader but what I saw that day was truly unbelievable.


Anyway, that was the last time I saw such incident from happening again since I quit the army after that battle. Why? The stare and the aura of our leader who looked backed at us was extremely terriyfing. The countless corpses that littered the battlefield also made me realize that I still love my life and I would rather prolong it.


So much for my perfecty laid out plans. The gods must have really found it funny to stick it to me. I don't know what happened to my former leader after that. I've only heard rumors of people calling him a Warlord or some fancy name like that.


But not too long ago, someone called a Warlord passed by, out of curiousity, I took a peek on who this was but it was a totally different person. He did have a similar aura surrounding him.


Yep, that’s the end of my story.
What? It sounds like a story from the trending novel “Game of Battles”?
How can you compare it to a fiction like that? Fine, when I meet a Warlord next time, I will make sure to give him your address. I will tell him there’s someone who’s better than him, so you could personally meet him and see for yourself. Let’s see if you are still laughing when that happens.


- A conversation in a bar at a small town in the outskirts of the Empire


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