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2nd Awakening: WARLORD



New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Demonic Lance Awakening 75 Warlord and the Demonic Lance become one with each other, unleashing the hidden strength of the Demonic Lance. When attacking enemies, the attacks create bigger explosions and cause bonus damage equal to a certain percentage of damage dealt. This damage also applies to bonus damage of equipment items. Also, Impact Smash stack count is increased by 1.
Deadly Massacre 75 Spin the lance wide twice to grab nearby enemies and attack with a powerful blow.
Burst Slash 80 Amputate enemies by a powerful downward slash to super hold for certain period of time. Then the cracked earth will splatter enemies with debris and flare to deal multiple damage.

2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Demonic Inferno 85 Create a gigantic Demonic Lance by combining Warlord's and Demonic Lance's strength to burn down enemies and end it with a powerful finishing attack.


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