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New Class: Female Priest


The Blood Curse is infectious, and the Imposters
who spread it are dangerous.
There are always more Imposters than priests
who have been chosen by God to punish them.

Does one have to be chosen by God to recognize Imposters?
Yes, and no. After all, Imposters can also recognize each other.
The progress of the Blood Curse varies depending on the individual,
but usually it's slower in women.

Fear of Imposters begets heresy.
Some pious girls were injected with the blood of the infected,
so they could pursue Imposters.

They'd been chosen for God's holy work.
They would be worshiped as His priestesses...
until they're burned at the stake.

Oberith Rosenbach was on a journey
when she witnessed this unspeakable act of heresy.
She punished the heretics and saved the girls.

There were only two choices for these girls who were forced to hear God.
They could either join the Imposters or become His true avengers.

It seems only those whose hearts are broken can hear the voice of God.
Or maybe, it's the other way around; God only talks to them



A new character, Female Priest, has been added.

  • The Female Priests can advance to Crusader, Inquisitor, Shaman or Mistress.
    - Crusader: Crosses and Plate Armor
    - Inquisitor: Battle Axes and Heavy Armor
    - Shaman: Rosaries and Cloth Armor
    - Mistress: Scythes and Heavy Armor


Female Priest Common Skills

Icon Skill Name Skill Description
​Rising Cut Makes a wide swing with her Giant Weapon, hitting enemies and launching them in the air.
Holy Smash Strikes an enemy downward with her holy Giant Weapon. 
The enemy bounces off the ground.
​Healing Prayer Prays to God to quickly restore HP for herself and surrounding allies.
​Raid Quickly falls from the sky and strikes the ground with her Giant Weapon,
sending forth a shock wave that damages surrounding enemies.
Cure Removes Abnormal Status effects cast on her and surrounding enemies.
Weapon Parry Uses her Giant Weapon to deflect attacks from enemies in front.
Choke Smash Using her Giant Weapon, grabs an enemy in front and slams it onto the ground.
Heavy Sins Sends forth a shock wave, pressing enemies in front with the metaphorical burden of Original Sin that the wave carries.
Cut-in Dash Quickly charges forward. 
Press Z during the charge to strike enemies upward with your Giant Weapon. 
This skill's move count increases for the Mistress. 
The oracle cannot learn this skill.
Thunder Amulet Uses an amulet to strike the front area with a thunderbolt.
Punishing Cross Quickly wields her weapon crosswise, inflicting Physical damage on enemies in front. 
Only the Inquisitor can learn this skill after advancement.
Holy Flash Condenses holy power into a ball and throws it at a front area. 
The light explodes on contact, inflicting Light Magic damage.
Only the Crusader can learn this skill after advancement.


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