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Echon : Ruined Sanctuary

Dungeon Information

  • You must be Level 90 or above to enter this dungeon.
  • 8 Fatigue is consumed upon entry.
  • At least 4,504 Exorcism is required.
  • Up to 3 Life Tokens can be used.
  • Puppets and Supporters cannot be used.
  • Some graphic effects are modified inside this dungeon for smooth gameplay.
  • No change: Freeze, Stun, Shock, Petrification, Sleep, Immobility, Weapon Destruction, and Armor Destruction
  • Simplified: Poison, Bleed, and Burn
  • Disabled: Other buffs/debuffs/Abnormal Status effects
  • The following achievements cannot be completed.
    - Backstabber, Gale Force, and Daredevil.
  • Only the Material items unique to the Echon dungeon are dropped inside the dungeon.
  • Hell Party is disabled.
  • This is a single player dungeon.


How to Enter Dungeon

  • This dungeon is accessible from the Pandemonium Junction in the Metro Center area.
  • You must clear the "Into the Legend" quest to enter this dungeon.
  • You can accept this quest from Snowflake Joshua at the Pandemonium Junction.
  • This is a dungeon for single play. Parties cannot enter it.
  • 5 Terraniums and 5 Seed of Birth are required per entry.
  • Seed of Birth can be found in the Pandemonium dungeons.


How to Play

  • Your enemy—the Red or Green Army—will be randomly determined upon entering the dungeon.
  • While in this dungeon, you cannot retreat to the maps that you already explored. In other words, you can only move forward.
  • Defeat the Boss monster of the Red/Green Army, and the dungeon is cleared.



The following monsters appear inside the dungeon.


[Red Army]

* Boss: Ghost King Drajan

Fighting is as necessary as breathing for the Ghostfaces who feed on their enemies’ Valor.
They fight to live, but they're also captivated by the bloody nature of the act.
They can no longer discern their need for fighting from the thrill of battle.


Every so often, the Ghostface with the greatest might decides to be king.
To the Ghostfaces, a good king isn't who leads them to prosperity; it's who wages the biggest, the bloodiest war.


Ghost King Drajan is considered one of the greatest kings in their history. He was always fighting and butchering his enemies.
The sight of him drinking his enemies' blood as he inhaled their fighting spirit inspired awe in his people and enemies alike.
He's so powerful that he can fell an entire army on his own. His enemies—and even his own soldiers—shudder as their energy starts flowing out of their bodies as soon as this mighty king shows up on a battlefield.
The more desperate his enemies are to protect their necks and their energy, the stronger Drajan becomes, just from their desperation.
And soon, there is no one else standing on the battlefield, except he who is called the Ghost King.


Hellfire Varagan War Starter Inishar Destroyer Karunya



[Green Army]

Sasha, the heir of House Fore, is so generous that he lets swarms of rats run around in his mansion.
These rats show absolute obedience to Sasha. They would devour each other, but they'd never harm their master in any way.


Like other members of highborn families, Sasha believes that he's obligated to show mercy to those who are not as privileged as he is.
This belief shows in the way he treats his enemies: he would release his rats unto his enemies and allow them to feast on their writhing bodies.


Reborn Boya Executioner Astanzia Combat Monk Mamsa



  • The Named/Boss Monster and Clearance Results Cards have a chance of generating the Level 90 Quest Legendary equipment, Valor.
  • You can get the Material items for the Valor equipment.
  • You can get them from the Named/Boss Monster and Clearance Results Cards.
  • The Material items can be traded to Snowflake Joshua at the Pandemonium Junction.
  • Darma's Symbol Shop
    - The Darma's Symbol materials can be exchanged for the materials used for modifying Valor equipment options.
  • Ghostface Horn Shop
    - The material, Ghostface's Broken Horn, can be exchanged for the materials used for purchasing Hell Party and Pandemonium Rift free admission tickets.
  • Darma's Mark Shop
    - Darma's Mark obtained from limited quest can be exchanged for Valor Equipment Box and Equipment Repair Kit. (Single)
    - You may select the piece of the equipment but options are given randomly.


Special System


  • An exclusive system for Echon : Ruined Sanctuary has been added.
  • Eliminate monsters, and you will gain Valor.
  • The gauge on the left side of the screen is filled as you gain Valor. When the gauge is filled to Rank SSS, then Valor is released.
  • Valor, when released, adds the following effects to your character.
  • Increased Attack/Casting/Movement Speed
  • Super Armor
  • Additional attacks
  • Additional attacks for the Z skill
  • Decreased skill cooldown
  • Increased attack range for certain class skills
  • These Valor effects remain for a while, and their duration increases every time you defeat monsters.
  • The Named/Boss monsters of the Echon dungeon can also absorb and release Valor.


Additional Reward System

  • Clear the Echon : Ruined Sanctuary dungeon, and the Additional Reward gauge is filled.
  • You can check the Additional Reward UI at the Pandemonium Junction.
    Initial status
    Gauge filled
    Max reached
  • Clear Echon : Ruined Sanctuary while your Additional Reward gauge is full, and you will get an additional reward.
  • While the Additional Reward gauge is full, you can select which army you want to fight: Red or Green.
  • Once you select your enemy, you cannot change it until you clear the dungeon.
  • Your additional reward will be issued when you eliminate the Boss monster.
  • You can get one additional reward a day, per character.


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