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Level 90 Quest Legendary Equipment


Level 90 Quest Legendary equipment, Valor, has been added.

Equipment Composition

  • A total of 11 items—5 different types of armor, 3 accessories, and 3 Special Equipment—has been added.
  • 2 random options are added to this equipment when it's obtained.
  • The numerical values of these options vary, depending on their grade.
  • 4 different option grades exist, distinguished by the prefix that they add to the equipment
    - Lowest-grade Option: Combat
    - Middle-grade Option: Strife
    - High-grade Option: Insanity
    - Highest-grade Option: Destruction
    - A different number of Star icons is added, depending on the option grade.
  • This Level 90 Quest Legendary equipment does not produce the following items when disassembled.
    - Legendary Souls
    - A large amount of Endless Eternities (low chance)
  • This equipment cannot be repurchased from shops.


Set Options

  • The Valor equipment has 3 to 6-piece Set options.
    - You can use a set of 3, 4, 5, or 6 pieces of this equipment for Set effects.
  • Set options do not stack.
    - If you create a set of 3, and then of 5, then only the 5-piece Set options are applied.
  • Set options will disappear when transfered through transcendent stone.


Equipment Option Modification

  • You can use the Valor Option Modifier for the following effects.


Modify Equipment Options

  • You can use the Equipment Option Modification System to modify options per group.
  • Only the options in the same group can be modified at the same time.
  • Modifying options require Crest Stones for their option group.
    - The number of required Crest Stones varies depending on the option grade.

Stat/Speed Option Groups Atk./Critical Chance Option Groups Elemental Damage Option Groups
Stat bonus (STR/VIT/INT/SPR) Atk. bonus (Physical/Magical/Independent) Elemental Damages (Fire/Water/Light/Shadow/All Elemental Damages)
Speed bonus (Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds) Critical Chance bonus (Physical/Magical Critical Chances)




Equipment Rank-up

  • You can use the Equipment Rank-up System to upgrade Valor equipment option grades.
  • Upgrading option grade also increases the numerical values of 2 options of the target Valor equipment.
  • Upgrading option grade requires Sigil Stones.
    - The number of required Sigil Stones varies depending on the option grade.


Set Option Addition

- You can add Set options to a set of 3-6 pieces of Valor equipment of your choice.
- You can select up to 4 different option groups, 1 option per group, for your Set options.
- Set options and their numerical values are affected by the number of equipment selected for a set and their option grades.
- Adding Set options requires Pure Condensate of Valor.
- The number of required Pure Condensate of Valor varies depending on the type and number of options.
- The Set icon is added to the equipment selected for a set.


  • Damage Bonus Groups
    - Attack Damage +(%)
    - Critical damage +(%)
    - Bonus damage +(%)
  • Atk. Bonus (%) Groups
    - Physical/Independent Atk. +(%)
    - Magical/Independent Atk. +(%)
  • Stat Bonus (%) Groups
    - STR +(%)
    - INT +(%)
  • Elemental Damage Groups
    - Fire Damage (+)
    - Water Damage (+)
    - Light Damage (+)
    - Shadow Damage (+)
    - All Elemental Damages (+)
  • Stat Bonus Groups
    - STR (+)
    - INT (+)
    - VIT (+)
    - SPR (+)
  • Critical Chance Bonus Groups
    - Physical Critical Chance (+)
    - Magical Critical Chance (+)
  • Skill Level (Per-range) Increase Group
    - Lv. 1-30 skill levels +1


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