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Luke Raid

He Who Silently Touches the Soil

In a dark workroom, someone draws schematics by the light of a single candle.
He is a small old man with many arms, known as Luke the Constructor among the people of Pandemonium.


Luke didn't remember when or how he arrived in Pandemonium. He knew he was someone Hilder knows, and that he arrived in Pandemonium through space and time, just like the other Apostles.


But he wasn't as strong as them.
In fact, he was weaker than the most ordinary beings in Pandemonium. If he was supposed to be so powerful, why was he so weak now? It was a simple question, but it never crossed his mind.


The thoughts in his mind were always so chaotic that he could barely string a coherent sentence together. It was constantly bombarded by images and noises that were foreign to him. Shards of vague memories from his past tormented and suffocated him, but even the loudest clamor in his mind couldn't stop him from building and creating things. Sometimes when he returned to his workroom for a break, he would remember the images that had flashed in his mind earlier and draw schematics based on what he could recall.


Doing that gave him some kind of emotion, mayby peace or hope. For some reason, he believed it would help him remember his past if he simply continued to work.


His buildings, which he once created without putting much thought into, started to show a pattern.


Years passed. Decades passed. Centuries passed. Luke no longer remembered why he decided to do what he was doing. He just kept digging the ground, erecting columns, piling bricks into buildings, and repairing ones from ancient times.


Then one day, he revived Metro Center, which had been dead for a long time. 


Light poured into Pandemonium for the first time in centuries, clearing Luke's head at once. Suddenly a power surged through his hands clutching his hammer and saw. All his lost memories flooded back to his mind at once, telling him where he came from, who he was, and what his purpose was.


"I am Luke!"


He shouted. His voice couldn't be heard—the engines of Metro Center were too loud—but it made the air ripple with energy. Soon the rays of light disappeared, as if they were absorbed into Luke's body, so did his power and voice.


But Luke clearly realises who he really is and what he must do.



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