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Raid System

How to Enter

  • You can join the Luke Raid once every Thursday and Saturday.
    - Anton Raid: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday
    - Luke Raid: Thursday and Saturday


  • The Black and White Protection item is required for admission. 
    - You can buy this item from the NPC Eventful Erica in the Pandemonium Entrance area.


  • You can buy Luke Raid admission tickets 10 times a day, per account.
    - This purchase count is reset daily at 9:00 a.m. (UTC).
    - This 10 count-per-account restriction is applied across all servers.
    - Your admission count does not increase if you fail to clear the map and reenter it with the same character.


  • You can join this Raid mode in the Luke Raid channel after clearing the [Raid] Constructor Luke quest.
    - You can receive the quest from ​Meryl Pioneer.


  • You can enter the Pandemonium Entrance Area - Grim Seekers area while in an Attack Unit.
    - You can join or create an Attack Unit through the Look for Attack Unit window or the NPC Nevillo Jurgen.


  • You can start the raid through the NPC Princess Isabella in the Grim Seekers area.
    - All the members of your Attack Unit must have the Entry material to start the raid.


Card Deck System

  • The Card Deck System has been added.


  • Luke's monsters now appear in the form of tarot cards in the Phase 1: Palace of Creation map.
Card Monster
00. The Fool Red Clown
01. The Magician Purging Snader
02. The High Priestess Mass-produced Becky
03. The Empress Hyperspeed Zakeline
04. The Emperor Quatro Manus Mark-II
05. The Hierophant Oblivious Aslan
06. The Lovers Large-armed Prince Golgotha
Iron-armed Princess Kalbarri Tarot Card
07. The Chariot Lamenting Lampard
08. Strength Iron Beast
09. The Hermit Hatred Veil
10. Wheel of Fortune Fortuneteller Rosaura
11. Justice Light Idol Horus
12. The Hanged Man Grieving Buffon
13. Death Contamination Carina
14. Temperance Wrecking Haboob
15. The Devil Evil Sword Veara
16. The Tower Metal Gear Canaps
17. The Star The Seven Mistral
18. The Moon Moonlight Walker Yashin
19. The Sun High-reinforced Argos
20. Judgement Dark Idol Anubis
21. The World Nightmarish Nerbe



* A different Defense System is activated depending on the displayed pattern of tarot cards. 

Dungeon Defense System Effects
Sanctuary of Birth Ability Weakening System The streaming rays of light remove buffs from party members.
(Item buffs excluded)
Defense System Activated  The smoke rising from the ground removes all the debuffs cast on monsters on contact.
(Item debuffs/Damaging Abnormal Status effects excluded)
Sanctuary of Dispersion Superalloy Armor System Destroy the machine that appears within the time limit, or monsters increase their Physical Def.
Anti-magic System Destroy the machine that appears within the time limit, or monsters increase their Magic Def.
Sanctuary of Destruction Elemental Guard System The ice blocks generated in the map decrease Fire Damage/Resistance and increase Water Damage/Resistance.
The light orbs generated in the map decrease Shadow Damage/Resistance and increase Light Damage/Resistance.
The fireballs generated in the map decrease Water Damage/Resistance and increase Fire Damage/Resistance.
The shadow orbs generated in the map decrease Light Damage/Resistance and increase Shadow Damage/Resistance.


  • Card decks are updated at 9:00 a.m (UTC). on the Luke Raid days. The same decks are applied to all the channels.
  • The card decks are displayed once upon entering the Raid channel, and you can check them in the Status Board during the raid.


Status Board System

  • Displays your progress in Phase 1: Palace of Creation and Phase 2: Sanctuary of Transcendence.
    - You can access the board during the raid by pressing the hotkey, Insert.


  • Palace of Creation Status Board
    - Displays the status of a certain object in each dungeon.

    - Animates materials and monsters produced in each dungeon being transferred to another dungeon.


  • Sanctuary of Transcendence Status Board
    - Displays the connection between objects.

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