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Awakening: Deimos


Those monsters were the mysterious entities that emerged in Arad during the breakout of the Metastasis. What were they? What brought them to Arad? And why were they so violent?
The scholars of the Empire decided to identify these creatures that threaten the people of their country.

During their research, they found out that the monsters were driven violent by a mysterious energy, and the same violent behavior could happen in the Dragoons who absorbed their powers to strengthen themselves.

The researchers reported this finding to the Emperor and expressed their concerns.
But the Emperor didn't want to give up the powerful regiment that he gained in a short amount of time. So he ignored their warning. The Dragoons grew stronger by the day without anyone's interference.

Soon the first Leviathan was born, and the Dragoons started accomplishing amazing feats as if to answer the Emperor's expectations. It seemed he made the right decision, ignoring the scholars.

The scholars' worst fears were realized.
A well-respected Leviathan killed one of the Dragoons who followed him and absorbed his power.
This shocking news stirred up the entire country, and was considered serious enough to threaten the future of the Empire.

A warrant for his arrest was issued, and the Leviathan was arrested immediately. Then, the scholars were invited to examine him. The scholars found out that he regularly experienced mindless rage and the intervals between these episodes were getting shorter.

The Emperor didn't want a power that he couldn't control.
He ordered his death and the collection of his power.

The Leviathan, being the patriot as he was, accepted his fate with aplomb.
He gathered renowned Dragoons across the country, distributed all his energy among them, and went to his execution site.
And there, he gave his last words to the Dragoons who gathered there for him.

"The monsters' powers are great, but unstable. I couldn't handle them, and this is the consequence. But I know one of you will learn how to completely assimilate them and surpass me one day."
That was the well-respected Leviathan's will.

Of all the Dragoons who received his power, only I've survived.
I still remember that day and often ask myself:
can I surpass him? Or will I be devoured by my own power?

Well, I don't care either way. I'm just going to do what I can do.
"Let the hunt begin!"





New skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Fountain of Power 75 The Dragoon, having realized the source of his power, now controls his powers of monsters more effectively. Increases Basic/Skill Atk. and increases Servant lances' Penetration Chance.
Dragon Grinder Spear 75 Sets a trap in front that shoots magic spears, and then explodes.
Deboning Slasher 80 Quickly spins his magic lance, and then throws it at a front area, making it explode.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Deadly Charge 85 Combines his Servant lance and beam spear into an assault lance, and then charges with it at the strongest enemy.
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