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Awakening: Erebus


"Have you seen the night sun?"


A strange phenomenon had been sighted everywhere in the Empire.

A pitch darkness that denied the existence of light was enough to terrify all living creatures to the core.
This caused the monsters to act out. The Empire was forced to launch subjugation efforts and an investigation to find the cause of this unknown fear.

Anyone could join this investigation, and countless reports were submitted.
The most notable report was about seeing two glowing yellow eyes in the darkness.

This report had the words "he" and "unknown entity" frequently used throughout it.
The leaders of the Empire decided that this whole thing was an act of rebellion committed by a certain group and ordered its elimination.

Then, the situation changed all of a sudden.
What was once perceived as simple darkness started causing deaths.

After countless soldiers died without an apparent cause,
the Imperial leaders realized the seriousness of the situation. They sent out an elite unit of soldiers to trace the darkness.
And after many more soldiers were sacrificed, they found the man who they believed to be the mastermind behind this phenomenon.

Unlike what was reported to them, he was alone.

"Are you all that the Empire can send?"

The proud elite soldiers bristled at his taunting remark, but they didn't dare get close to him. He smelled too much like death.

"Are you afraid? *Chuckle* But you're impressive, coming all the way here to find me, I'll give you that."

Suddenly a pitch darkness settled around them, blocking all the light.
His body began darkening as if absorbing the darkness.

He was the unidentified entity mentioned in that report.
By the time they realized that, it was too late. All they could do was listen to his final words for them before their death.


"I'll show you true darkness."


New skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Darkness over the Abyss 75 The Impaler has mastered his power of darkness to such a degree that now he can bend spacetime to his will.
Increases Basic/Skill Atk. and certain Encroachment skills' ranges.
Certain Encroachment skills, if they hit the ground and explode instead of hitting their target, create an Encroaching area, continuously casting Encroachment.
Falling Death 75 Creates a rift in the air and Encroaches upon the area, turning it into a dark space.
When the rupture is formed, Dark Force pours out of it and creates an Encroaching area on the ground, which continuously casts Encroachment.
Spears created inside the dark space fly and penetrate Encroached monsters with damage.
Dark Impulse 80 Spreads Dark Force in front, casting Encroachment. He then jumps, slams onto the ground as he creates a spear, inflicts multi-hit damage with it, and then explodes it.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Annihilation of Darkness 85 Discharges all his Dark Force at once, Encroaching upon everything around him. Dark Force, if hitting Encroached monsters, Holds them. Concentrates the discharged Dark Force onto one spot, creating a big lance. He then jumps and throws the land at the ground, causing a great explosion.
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