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Ron's Letter

Dear Kate,


 Recently, the winds blowing from beyond Central Park have been sharp. Long ago, we made many promises to send the massive storm on its way, and since then, we've been doing our best to keep them. We thought this would be the best way to keep this world stable, balanced.


Lately, however, I've heard that strange things have been happening not too far away from where you are, Central Park. What was first conceived as harmless noise has grown into a storm powerful enough to throw this world off balance. This storm has spread many stories, the most noticeable of them all being the children that you took under your wing.


Whether you like it or not, your story has drawn people's attention. Many organizations are already using it as an excuse to make their move, to change whatever they reluctantly agreed upon in the past Meeting.


These are signs of yet another storm that's about to hit our world. I'd like to suggest that we hold another Meeting before more confusion arises. I'll gather the old participants as well as some new people who can aid us. It'll be our chance to quell this new storm and restore balance.

I have no intention of blaming you or the children under your care. Even so, there are so many unanswered questions that only you and that girl who stirred up Harlem can answer.
  I'd like you to join the Meeting as the leader of the Circle Mages, along with her, preferably before the Beasts caged in East Harlem are let loose.
Then, I'll be happily waiting for you at the Stadium.


- Yours truly, Nihilistic Ron



Royal Messenger Walkman (Kashipa)


He is a god, a savior, our religion.


As a messiah of this world, he will open a new era.
As his apostle, I spread his words.
They are the truth. Everything is as he wishes.


He can create anything and everything, and yet no one praises him.  
He wanders in darkness because he has no place to call his own.
We will sing his glory. We will build him a home.


Whatever he wishes will be realized through me.
Any and all obstacles will be destroyed by my hands.


I will stop the imminent adversity and even the storm that carried it.
They will never reach him. I will put an end to them here. I will shed blood, and build a new sanctum where it is spilled.


When all this is over, I will stand on his left side and watch the beginning of a new era. I am ready to follow him on the long journey before him.
From this point on, everything will be remembered and recorded, for the holy bible for the new age.

For the Dark Eyes.



Silent Sergei (Kashipa)

The Master was right.
By following Him, I have been saved. I didn't have to starve anymore. I skinned the enemy who killed my only sister. I tore apart the despicable ones, and erected my fallen comrades' tombstones where they fell. All this happened according to His words, transmitted to me through the Master.

His words are the truth. They are redemption.

I will share what He gave me with those in pain. Their pain will be lessened through pain; their sadness will be harvested through sadness. It is only I, who have been saved first, who can save the poor souls of everyone else, who are still struggling in the pit of darkness, ever corrupting.

To save them, I decided to follow His words, and He wanted something greater. I had to give up my tongue, but it was all right. It was only part of the process to reach the truth.

Through His words, I have acquired great power.
Through His words, I have found enlightenment and redemption!

I will continue to follow in the Master's footsteps, with his holy bible containing His words as my guiding light, through the brambles of pain and hardship awaiting ahead of me.



Spirit Liberator Kephadona (Kashipa)

We've found yet another village.  
As if they knew we were coming, the villagers start gathering around, haphazardly armed. They thought they could fight us with such shabby farming implements. Hah! I decided that all of us aren't needed for something like this. I can take care of them on my own.


I rush into their midst, tearing and destroying everything within my reach. Confused by my sudden move, they call for their leader. I quickly run at him, killing him in an instant. His blood splashes all over me, dripping down. To these villagers, I am the incarnation of a bloodthirsty ghost.


Having witnessed the horrific death of their leader, everyone else succumbs to their fear and stops fighting. The slaughter that follows is easy. One by one, I put them out of their misery. Agonizing screams fill the air, and blood soaks the ground.


While I enjoy the sight of my gruesome work, my men round up the remaining villagers and force them to kneel before me. The fear, anxiety, and resignation are clear in their eyes. Looking at them, I feel the rush of sadistic thrill.


I can't take this anymore. I want to taste it right now!
Come on, look at me.
You all will want me, and give me your everything—soul, blood, everything! It's mine!



Niu the Tracker (The Guardians)

This is all my fault.
She means the world to me, and yet I wasn't there to hold her hands when she needed me. I used danger as an excuse to keep her from doing what she wanted. I ignored her desire to help me. This all happened because of the terrible decisions I've made.


But it's not too late. I'll do whatever I can to make things right. I won't let anyone get in the way. Like the first time I took a spear in my hand, just so I could survive, like when I awakened to the power of the Battle Mage to protect everyone, I will rise again. This time, I'll do it for her.


It's not too late. It can't be.


I'm sorry, Pai. From now on, I'll protect you.




Summoner Rhum (Circle Mage)

The dark clouds have covered the world, and countless people have been sacrificed.
I joined the Circle Mages to create a better world. We still have a long way to go before we reach the light at the end of the tunnel.


A great many colleagues gave up and left. Some of them left to follow new ideals. Some others just couldn't handle the stress and uncertainty anymore.


But when we started, we all wanted the same thing. Those who left us have only forgotten it for now. One day, when we all are needed to achieve true peace, it will resurface from the depths of their minds, bringing them back to us.


Some might think I'm a fool. Some might point fingers and laugh at me. But no one can change what I believe. I will continue to walk this path until the time I've been waiting for comes.


So, great warrior Barca, walk with me as my friend.



Warrior Barca (Circle Mage)

Barca was a born warrior.


His superior physique and uncanny fighter's instincts always led him to victory. His name alone struck terror into his enemies and emboldened his allies. Other warriors would shout his name before battle in hopes that they could fight as bravely as their hero.

Barca was peerless, but he never let his guard down. He believed that one day, someone better than him would appear and bring him to his knees, so he trained every day to prepare for that confrontation. His mind and body grew stronger every day.


One day, he was training as hard as usual when he heard a voice from a different world. It carried the pure, unbridled passion of its speaker, and it moved Barca. He responded to its call and arrived in Pandemonium, a world filled with blood and strife. Its air was always ringing with screams and covered with dangerous alien beings that had flown from some other planets. Finally, he'd met stronger enemies through the voice that traveled across spacetime to reach him.


Feeling a rush of excitement coursing through his body, Barca held the hand that had reached out to him. It belonged to a summoner named Rhum. From now on, he would be Barca's most trusted comrade in battle.



Ikki the Vikki (Ancient Library)

"La, la, la... Hm, hm, hm..."
"Stop singing and focus. I'll check to see if you really checked everything thoroughly."
"Sheesh, okay, okay! Stop nagging me and go away, Ram!"

Ugh, Ikki's the best in the Ancient Library when it comes to yelling. When it comes to the little details, not so much. I'm always worried that she might end up inside the burning furnace. She's so tiny and fragile.

"We can't afford any mistakes at the Meeting this time."
"I'm telling you, this machine is flawless. And look, I've named it MK-ll!"
"Yes. It's an improved version of the MK-l, from the last Meeting. Cool, huh?"
"What does MK stand for?"

Ikki's red eyes shift sideways as she thinks. She's so predictable! I know MK doesn't mean anything. Ikki's never been that big on the details. 

"...It's none of your business!"
I don't respond.
"Does it even matter? What matters is that the name sounds cool. I could always think of its meaning later. MK could mean... err... mm..."
"Want me to help?"
"No, thanks! And stop messing with me, or..."
Ikki leaps to her feet and stomps toward me. Uh-oh, she's got a tool in her hand. I'd better run.
"...I'll turn you into a frog!"
Being a frog is not pleasant, but I'd want to be a frog if it means I could follow her to the Meeting.
I hope everything will go well at the Meeting, so she doesn't have to use that gigantic machine. I hope every member of the Ancient Library can come back home safely.



Smilla (Second Pact)

Young Summoners, remember: don't show any mercy to creatures that don't respond to your call, and never hesitate to sacrifice your creatures to acquire the joy of life.


Swing your Loop of Domination!
Don't feel sorry for anyone else but you.
Don't be afraid of anyone else's wrath but your own.
Don't forgive anyone else's sins but your own.
Never allow anyone else's punishment but your own.


Rise, children who devoured the spirits of the elementals!
On the day of the Meeting, I'll let you feast on young elementals.
I'll personally bite their necks and quench your thirst with their blood.


Scream and shout!
You'll only be useful when you're dead!
Thrust your fingers into the hearts of those filthy hypocrites!
You'll obtain the absolute power that the Second Pact has promised you.



Returning Razin (Terra Cotta)

It was after everyone else fell asleep.
Light leaked out of the room that was occupied by Iris, the leader of the Terra Cotta. Inside the room, her neatly cleaned marrelete radiated Delarion's light. The table covered with a purple tablecloth had two teacups sitting on it. The flower buds in the teacups were almost fully opened when the flickering candlelights revealed a shadow emerging in the room.
"Welcome. I've been waiting."
Iris readily received her visitor. The visitor calmly stepped into the light, revealing the young face of Razin, framed by a deep green hood.
"I've prepared your favorite tea."
With a smile on her face, the leader of the Terra Cotta offered Razin a seat.
"No, thank you. I'll stay here."
The Terra Cotta leader's smiling face stiffened. Razin ignored it and looked her in the eye.
"I'll have to leave the Terra Cotta for a while."
"Is that your final decision?"
Instead of answering, Razin continued to stare at her leader.
Iris nodded and turned her head away from Razin, looking out the window. She had her answer.
Razin turned around, feeling rueful. She said her goodbyes. Iris was letting her go without saying a word.  
"You'll never call me by my name again, will you?"
"...You're not the Iris I know."
Iris didn't respond. This was the last time Razin saw her.


Razin had returned to Iris's room as if drawn by a magnet.
It was empty. The purple tablecloth had gathered dust, and the candles had been reduced into short stubs.
Iris was no more—well, she probably wasn't here, even back then.
She wasn't anything to begin with.
Razin thought she could find the answer—the answer—through transcendence. What she'd found in the endless cycle of transcendence was cold, harsh reality.


For whom does the Terra Cotta exist?


It's time for yet another Meeting, and now I'm in the same situation as Iris was back then. What should I do? Was Iris looking for answers, just like I am right now? Then...
"I'll have to go on the stage just like she did. If that's your plan."
Razin was alone, but the words she spoke were for someone else. She glared into space for a while before she left.
The room was empty again, just like it was after its original owner had left it.

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