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  • The Pandemonium Meeting content will be added.
    - In Pandemonium Meeting, you can create tag teams with characters on your account and fight the representatives of Pandemonium's organizations on a tournament basis.
    - You can use teams of 2 Level 95 or higher characters, and every time you clear the dungeon, you will get Antimatter Particles, Winner's Prerogatives (used for buying Abyss Fragments), and Potentate's Prerogatives (used for buying Enchanting Beads).


  • The new area, Stadium Outskirts, will be added.
    - You can enter it after clearing the Epic quest, A Mage in the Black Market, at Level 95 or above.
  • The new NPC, Nihilistic Ron, will be added.
  • New Epic quests will be added.
    - You can receive them after clearing the Epic quest, Tightening Clutches of Sin, at Level 95 or above.
    - After clearing the new Epic quests, you can enter the Pandemonium Meeting channel through the Stadium Outskirts.
    - These quests are account-based; clear them once, and all your characters at Level 95 or above on the same account can enter the Pandemonium Meeting channel.



Basic Information

Entry Rules

  • Solo play only
  • Dungeon has two difficulties: Normal, Hard
  • Requires 4,000+ Exorcism for Normal and 5,382+ for Hard.
  • No Entry materials or Fatigue is required.
  • You can join it with a team of 2 characters at Level 95 or higher in the same account.
    - You can create up to 3 teams on the same account.
    - Normal/Hard Dungeon shares clear count.
    - Reward differs depending on difficulty.
    - This content can be cleared 3 times a week.
    - Each of your teams can clear this content once a day, and can't reenter it until 9:00 a.m. the next day.
    - You can switch teams to enter it again, so long as you have remaining Weekly Clear count.
  • Your Weekly Entry count will be reset on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m.
    - If you fail to clear it without collecting all the available rewards, then you can enter it again.
    - If you enter the content and do not clear it until 9:00 a.m. the next day, then you will lose your Clear count.
    - In case you reenter it, you can't get the rewards that you already received.



  • Characters on different servers can be on the same team, but can't tag in the Stadium Outskirts.
  • Equipment durability is not consumed.
  • The Pandemonium Meeting is closed between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. daily to reset the dungeon clear record.
    - If you enter before 8:30 a.m., then you will be automatically moved to the Lobby by 8:40 a.m.



Team Formation

  • After entering the Pandemonium Meeting, you can set up your tag teams through the Team Formation menu on the right side of the screen.
    - Only characters at Level 95 or above can be used.
  • You can create up to 3 teams, and the same character can't be on more than one team.
  • Characters on different servers from your current character can't be selected as Team Member 1.
    - In this case, you must log in to these characters to use them as Team Member 1.
  • If Team Members 1 and 2 are on different servers, they can't tag in the Stadium Outskirts.
    - They can, however, tag in the Stadium.



Select Team

  • Click the Select Team button to bring up the ‘Team Select’ window.

  • Your currently selected team will be shown as ‘My Team’. Your other teams will have ‘Select Team’ button.
  • If you click the ‘Select Team’ button, you will log into that team’s player 1.
  • A team that has already cleared Pandemonium Meeting cannot be selected.



Select Difficulty

After moving to the Pandemonium Meeting area, you can select the difficulty through the menu on the right side of the screen.

  • It is set to Normal by default.
  • When you enter the dungeon after selecting a difficulty, ‘Dungeon Information’ will pop up.


  • It will display the selected member, difficulty and required exorcism.
    - Once you enter the dungeon, the difficulty you selected will be saved.
  • Dungeon difficulty cannot be changed from the ‘Dungeon Information’ window.



Exclusive Consumables

  • Enter the Stadium, and you'll get these exclusive Consumables in your quick slots.
    - Inside the Stadium, you can't switch equipment, change skills, or use other Consumables.
  • You can use these Stadium items to heal and reinforce your characters.
Icon Hotkey Effects
1 HP +30%    
(Cooldown: 20 sec.)
2 MP +30%
(Cooldown: 20 sec.)
3 Cooldown -20% for 2 min.
(Cooldown: 3 min.)
4 Super Armor for 30 sec. (Up to 5 incoming attacks)    
(Cooldown: 1 min.)
5 Damage +20% for 2 min.
(Cooldown: 3 min.)
6 Increases Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds for 30 sec.    
(Cooldown: 1 min.)



Pandemonium Meeting Dungeon Rules

Appearing Monsters

  • Enter the Stadium, and 4 of 5 Pandemonium organization representatives will randomly appear.
  • If you fail to clear the first time, then when you re-enter the dungeon, the same monsters will appear as the first time.



Dungeon Balance

You will receive the Outsider's Will buff upon entering the Stadium.

Buff Name Effects
Outsider's Will STR/INT +20,000
HP +200,000
Physical/Magical Def. +30,000
Hit Rate +30%


Certain skills' character Def./Survivability bonuses will be decreased.

Advanced Class Name Skill
Crusader (M) Sign of Protection, Heaven's Melody, and Apocalypse
Crusader (F) Guardian's Blessing, Light of Divinity, and Crux of Victoria
Summoner Contract: Black Knight Sandor
Nen Master (M) Tiger Flash
Nen Master (F) Sun's Breath and Tiger Flash: Nen Creature of Light
Mechanic (M/F) Camouflage
Enchantress Favoritism


Certain skills' HP healing effects will be decreased.

Advanced Class Name Skill
Crusader (M) Holy Sanctuary, Slow/Fast Heal, and Healing Wind
Crusader (F) Healing Prayer, Regenerative Aria, and Miracle Shine
Lightbringer Divine Sanctuary
Enchantress Meticulous Stitching and First Aid of Love


The ally-targeting skills will display the target selection window when used in the Tag dungeons.

Advanced Class Name Skill Note
Crusader (M) Slow/Fast Heal  
Revenge of Light  
Sign of Protection  
Heaven's Melody Changes to an AoE skill when TP is learned.
Fountain of Life Changes to AoE skill when Heaven's Harmony is learned.
Divine Flash  
Enchantress Favoritism  



Character Buffs

Party Buff skills (Crusader's buffs, etc.) are also applied to tag characters.



Fever Gauge

  • You can tag (switch between) your characters with the Dungeon Special key (Tab by default).
  • The Fever gauge increases if...
    - You tag characters.
    - You hit Named/Boss monsters a set number of times.
    - Your characters receive damage.
  • When the gauge is full, tag your characters to activate the following Fever effects until the gauge is emptied.
Item Effects
Immediate Effect Current skill cooldown -20 sec.
(Awakening skills excluded)​
Lasting Effects Tag cooldown reduction
Tag speed bonus
Current skill cooldown -2 sec. upon tagging
(Awakening skills excluded)​
Abnormal Status immunity



Character Resurrection

- Characters, if they die in battle, will resurrect after a while.
- Resurrection Cooldown: 12 sec.
- They resurrect with 20% of HP and 30% of MP.
- If both of your characters die, you will fail to clear the dungeon and be moved to the Stadium Outskirts.



Character Recovery

Characters recover a certain percentage of HP while waiting to be tagged.





  • In the Pandemonium Meeting, you can get Winner's and Potentate's Prerogatives.
  • You clear the dungeon, you will get rewards to your Mailbox.
  Normal Difficulty Hard Difficlty
Normal Reward Winner’s Prerogative Potentate’s Prerogative Winner’s Prerogative Potentate’s Prerogative
Gold Card Reward 48 48 81 81
None None 81 81
One of the beads sold by Nihilistic Ron’s Shop

- You can only get rewards once per dungeon clear. If you reenter it, you will not get the rewards that you previously received.


  • The reward items can be used at Nihilistic Ron's Shop in the Stadium Outskirts.
Shop Item Price Note
Antimatter Particle Box (3)
- Contains 3 Antimatter Particles
Winner’s Prerogative x24 5x account/week
Abyss Fragment Box (32)
- Contains 32 Abyss Fragments.
Winner’s Prerogative x18 5x account/week
Sky Fragment Box (10)
- Contains 10 Sky Fragments.
Winner’s Prerogative x16 10x account/week
Tayberr’s Epic Pot
- Obtain a random Tayberrs Epic Equipment. Consumes 1,000,000 gold on use.
Winner’s Prerogative x965  
EXP Capsule (10%) Winner’s Prerogative x20  
The Guardian’s Bead (Weapon, Top, Bottom)
- Physical Attack +45
Potentate’s Prerogative x546  
Terra Cotta’s Bead (Weapon, Top, Bottom)
- Magical Attack +45
Potentate’s Prerogative x546  
Ancient Library Bead (Weapon, Top, Bottom)
- Independent Attack +45
Potentate’s Prerogative x546  
Second Pact Bead (Sub Equipment)
- Physical Attack +48, Magical Attack +48, Independent Attack +48
Potentate’s Prerogative x546  
Circle Mage Bead (Magic Stone)
- STR +30, INT +30, VIT +30, SPI +30
Potentate’s Prerogative x819  
Kashipa's Bead (Necklace, Bracelet, Ring)
- All Elemental Damage + 20
Potentate’s Prerogative x819  
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