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Character System Changes

Neo: Awakening Cutscene Changes

  • The following characters' Neo: Awakening cutscenes will be changed.
    - Ghostblade, Nen Master (F), Inquisitor and Brawler (F)


Neo: Awakening Illustration Update

  • The following characters' Neo: Awakening illustration will be changed.
    - Ghostblade, Asura, Shaman, Launcher (F), Kunoichi and Skirmisher


  • Some items' options will be updated because of this character renewal patch.
  • The following character skills' Rune and Rare/Unique Talisman options will be changed.
    - Deadly Enticer, Ground Quaker, Agni Pentacle, and Magma Wave Sword
    - Old: Black Energy Wave
    - New: Hate Pool


  • The Abnormal Status Damage, Level, and Duration options will be changed to Damage Bonus and Abnormal Status Activation ones.
  • Battle Mage: Arena Auto Skill Allocation will be improved.


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