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Additional Updates

On-hit Option Improvement

  • Now, character skills' Independent Object attacks can also activate equipment's On-hit options.
  • A separate activation chance is applied to Independent Object attacks based on the maximum number of Independent Objects that can be summoned for each Advanced class.
  • Independent Object attacks still don't count toward the Remaining HP Decrease option.



Lv. 110 Normal/Hero/Advanced Dungeon Rebalancing

  • Lv. 110 Normal Dungeons (Normal/Hero): Reinforced Normal/Named/Boss monsters' HP will be decreased.
  • Lv. 110 Advanced Dungeons: Reinforced Normal/Named/Boss monsters' HP will be decreased.
  • Noblesse Code: Fewer Normal Battle and Mission maps will appear.
    - Its drop reward rate will be adjusted according to this decrease in the map count.



Limited Mission Convenience Update/Play Point Acquisition Method Change

  • The Limited Mission rewards will now include [Limited Mission] 10 Play Points.
  • Now, all the Limited missions will provide the same amount of Play Points.
  • Play Points will no longer be issued for spending Fatigue in the Optimal Level Dungeon.
  • Fatigue-related information will be deleted from all Play Point-related descriptions and tooltip information.
  • Characters with 1 or more Play gauge will receive 1 Play Point after the scheduled maintenance.



DFOpedia's Terminology tab

  • The Damage-type Abnormal Status Effect information will be added to the DFOpedia's Terminology tab.
  • The Enemy's Remaining HP Decrease Option information will be added to the DFOpedia's Terminology tab.
  • On-hit Option information will be added to the DFOpedia's Terminology tab.
  • DFOpedia can be accessed through ESC -> DFOpedia.



Other Changes

  • You can now relog in and continue in the Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Advanced) and the Meister's Laboratory if your connection is abnormally terminated during Solo play.
  • If your connection is abnormally terminated, then your current dungeon progression will now be saved in Retreated mode.
  • Since you Retreated, the Re-entry Timer will be activated.
  • If you relog in to a different channel, then you will be informed of your abnormally terminated channel, just like you would if you use the existing Rejoining system.
  • If you re-enter the abnormally terminated channel, then a party will be formed for you automatically.
  • This Rejoining system takes effect if you relog in in 8 minutes after an abnormal termination.
  • Daily DFO Mission - The Daily Mission Clear Box's Lv. 105 Normal Epic Reward will be changed to "Option Level Growth Material" equipment.
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