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Codename Gaebolg, the secret project of the Seven Meisters against Bakal, was finalized in this lab.
It's built like a maze and armed with numerous security systems and weapons to protect Gaebolg against possible intruders.
Except for the Seven Meisters and the Eternal Flames that guard the lab, no one can go in and out of this lab safely.



  • The new story, "The Meister's Laboratory," will be added.
  • You can unlock it by accepting the Level 110 Act quest, Giant's Weaknesses.




  • <The Meister's Laboratory> content will be added.


Dungeon Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 110
  • Daily Entry Limit: None
  • Fatigue: 30 (Fixed)
  • At least 30 Fatigue is required to enter.
  • Party: Party of 1 or 4 or more
  • Entry Fame: Adventurer Fame is required to enter the dungeons, depending on the difficulty level. 



Difficulty Normal Expert Master
Fame Requirement 26,933 31,795 34,198


Entry Materials

You can use higher-grade admission tickets to enter lower-grade dungeons.

Icon Name Normal Expert Master
  Meister's Laboratory Ticket (Normal) Can be used Can't be used Can't be used
  Meister's Laboratory Ticket (Expert) Can be used Can be used Can't be used
   Meister's Laboratory Ticket (Master)  Can be used Can be used Can be used




  • Level 110 or higher characters can enter <The Meister's Laboratory> through NPC Meister Curio after completing the quest, Where There's the Truth.
  • The Entry materials, Meister's Laboratory Tickets, are required.
  • You can create an Advanced Dungeon party through NPC Meister Curio in the Normal channel. 
  • You can select Normal, Expert, or Master mode upon creating an Advanced Dungeon party. 
  • You can create an Advanced Dungeon party through NPC Meister Curio or the Form button in the Find Party UI.
  • After creating or joining a party, move to the right side and start exploring through NPC Meister Curio.



Dungeon Basic Rules

Time Limit 

  • A 30-minute limit is applied upon starting the content. 
  • You can retry this as many times as you want within the time limit, so long as you stay in the same party.


Abandon and Retreat from a Mission 

  • Party leaders can use the Retreat button on the Status Board to retreat from the dungeon.
  • If you retreat, you can't re-enter the dungeon for a while. 
  • After retreating, you can select Abandon Mission through NPC Meister Curio.
  • When you abandon your mission, your dungeon progression will be reset and the entry materials you used will not be returned to you. 


Combat Restrictions

  • Puppet items are restricted from use.
  • Your current skill cooldown will be retained if you use a Life Token inside a dungeon. 



Dungeon Progression System

Deterrence Operation

  •  You can use EF-MK1 vehicles to stop Gaebolg from moving.
  •  1 driver and 1 antiaircraft gunner can enter 1 EF-MK1 vehicle with the Z key.  
  • Up to 2 EF-MK 1 vehicles will be ready.
  • If only 1 character enters an EF-MK1 vehicle, they become the driver, and the AI controls the antiaircraft gun.
  • The EF-MK1 vehicle's Def. varies, depending on the driver's Fame.
  • The EF-MK1 vehicle's Atk. varies, depending on the antiaircraft gunner's Fame.
  • Drop one of the Gaebolg parts to 0 HP to stop Gaebolg from moving.
  • You can recognize your vehicle by its icon ()
  • If your vehicle loses all its HP, both the players in it will die.
  • You can resurrect with a Life Token.
  • Whoever resurrects first will enter the driver's side of the vehicle.


Category Control Key Icon Function
Common Tab Switch between the driver and antiaircraft gunner positions.
Reload the antiaircraft gun's bullets and missiles.
Driver Seat Direction Keys - Move your vehicle up and down or to the left or right.
A Dash forward.
C Jump.
Antiaircraft Gun A Shoot bullets.
S Shoot missiles.



Infiltration Operation

  • Depending on the part you destroyed during the Deterrence phase, certain monsters' patterns will be weakened.
  • Defeat GB-1 Haps in the center of the Meister's Laboratory to final-clear the dungeon.


  • A security system will be applied to the Meister's Laboratory.  

  • When you defeat a Boss monster other than GB-1 Haps, an error occurs in the Meister's Laboratory, activating the security system.
  • This security system increases all enemy monsters' Atk. for every new phase.
  • Its security level is reset every time you defeat a Boss monster.
  • The error that has occurred in the Meister's Laboratory will make certain computers vulnerable to hacking.
  • You can use these computers to hack into the security system and decrease its security level.
  • If you successfully hack into the security system, the Functional Disorder effect will be applied to certain Boss monsters.
  • Functional Disorder increases Atk. and decreases Def. for every new phase.
  • Functional Disorder is stackable.
  • Functional Disorder also stacks with the security level.
  • If you fail in hacking, nothing happens. 


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