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New Area: Noblesky

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New Area: Noblesky


Anton, the Great Destroyer who suddenly appeared near Power Station was prevented from reaching Ghent by the efforts of Jakter the Eagle Eye, Commander-in-chief of the Empyrean Army.


However, his absence from the capital proved costly. When the Kartel, who was at war with the Empire took advantage of the situation and kidnapped the Royal Princess, just as Power Station was recaptured by the efforts of adventurers and Brigadier General Navarre. 


Anton being forced to leave the Etten Industrial Complex, headed towards the Castle of the Dead which was located past the Sea of Twilight.


Jakter knew he could not allow Anton to escape to Pandemonium through the Dimensional Rupture. So he pursued Anton in the Noblesky, the ship of the nobleman Jurgen which has been retrofitted for military use. 


Now we shall head out to sea and defeat Anton before he reaches the Dimensional Rupture and bring his reign of terror to an end.

New Area: Noblesky

「Suppress Anton with Jakter the Eagle Eye, the Commander-in Chief of the Imperial Army and Coast Guard Captain Hairam Klauf.」



  •  Noblesky can be entered via the Gunship in Slaugh Industrial Complex.
  •  This area can be entered by level 85+ characters and it is used for creating Raids against anton and getting prepared for battle.


Jakter the Eagle Eye  -  Commander-in Chief of the Imperial Army from The Lawless District


Woon Lyonir - Young and Talented Adjutant of Jakter the Eagle Eye


Hiram Klauf - Empyrean Coast Guard Captain from Etten


Lieutenant General Navarre - Imperial Army’s Brigadier General who is the #1 Contributor in reclamation of Power Station


Naen Siger - A researcher of ‘Seven Shards’ which is a group created to inherit the will of the 7 Machinists.


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