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New Region: Zelva

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New Region: Zelva



As Anton’s heart stopped beating his enormous body fell into the sea, the energy that Anton had absorbed over hundreds of years started to flow out from his decaying body.
Anton’s corpse has changed to a giant volcanic island called ‘Zelva’ which continuously erupts and spews hot molten lava, and volcanic ash without end.

Anton had died but the massive energy from its body started to flow out. This had a drastic effect on the surrounding environment. The sea started to boil and marine life began to die out. The sky shook as the Metastasis Energy spread throughout Empyrean.

Faced with a new threat, the Imperial Army headed to Anton’s body to investigate the situation. Upon arrival, they discovered the body has turned into a Volcanic Island and above it hangs upside down the Castle of the Dead which was absorbing the light from Arad and plunging it into darkness.





New Area: Zelva

  • Area: Pandemonium Entrance area will be added. 
    - Pandemonium Entrance area will include new town Zelva and the new dungeon Castle of the Dead.
    - New town Zelva consists of 4 areas. 

There are two paths to get to Zelva.

Departure   Arrival
Area Method   Area Method
Underfoot Harbor Hartz von Krueger (NPC) Zelva
Joint Investigation Group Temporary Barracks
Hartz von Krueger (NPC)
Slaugh Industrial Complex Temporary Airport Airship Zelva
Joint Investigation Group Temporary Barracks


  • Joint Investigation Group Temporary Barracks
Hartz von Krueger (Imperial Army, Age 34)

Born from a Noble Family, he started his army life following the wishes of his strict father. However, his high self-esteem and stubborn personality did not go well with his superiors. They punished Hartz by assigning him as a prison guard under the command of a very arrogant and lazy Warden. Being far away from battle, Hartz knew he had no chance in showcasing his skills and a chance of promotion was almost close to zero.


Angered by the unfair treatment, Hartz released the prisoners under his care to create trouble for his commanding officer. However, a female prisoner caused more fuzz than he anticipated and the problem became bigger than expected.


Awaiting court martial, Hartz was spotted by Bahn and gave him an opportunity to avoid indictment. Accepting the offer, Hartz was recruited under Bahn’s command. He quickly rose through the ranks with his impressive skills and soon enough he was promoted to Assault Captain. He is also currently the vice-captain of the Iron Wolves.


His over bearing attitude has caused him to clash with Captain Bahn on a number of occasions but his respect for the Captain and the wishes of his father has kept him from leaving.


Many would try to distance themselves from Hartz because of his rough attitude but those who have served with him, knows he is a very honest person and a loyal comrade.

Nevillo Jurgen  (Politician from Northpiece/ Archduke, Age 46)

The leader of the Jurgen family, Nevillo was raised with a silver spoon but even an easy life did not dissuade him from having political ambitions. He reached a very high political position at a young age by using his cunningness and brilliance. He single-handedly increased the power and influence of his noble family whose status had fallen into obscurity not so long ago.


As the war with the Karel intensified, many nobles left Ghent for Northpiece but Nevillo stayed, his pride could not allow him to abandon the war. Being a great marksman in his own right, he fought with the Imperial Soldiers against the Kartel.


He also became a regent of the Empire when Princess Erje was kidnapped by the Kartel during the war.


He is never satisfied and continues to pursue interest that will further his influence and status. His ambitions have caused him to clash with the “Jifa Faction”, a group of nobles considered to be close advisors of the Princess.


He believes the “Jifa Faction” has done nothing but use Princess Erje for their benefit and caused the deterioration within the Empire.


Because of his dissatisfaction with the current state of the Empire, he plans to replace the nobles that control the Government with a regime that is under a single powerful ruler and he will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal.


Hound Cyrus  (Hound of Imperial Kingdom, Age 21)

Cyrus was a daughter of an Imperial Officer who died in combat against rebel forces that wanted to overthrow the Empire. 
Wanting to take revenge against her father’s killers, she participated in an experiment that transplanted beasts into a human body.


She showed a very high compatibility rate and the beast transplant was successful.
Because of her transplants, Cyrus became the first Demon Slayer and she was able to communicate with demons as well.


It is said that there are demons that only Cyrus can control but that information remains confidential and is only known to Emperor Leon.
She was recruited by Bahn not long after and under his command; Cyrus executed many enemies of the Empire that earned her the name of “Hound”
Unfortunately, she was forced to be discharged from the military by political pressure from the nobles she was investigating that had possible connections to the rebels.


For now, she is currently in charge of protecting her childhood friend, Princess Isabella but she is still carrying secret missions for Bahn.

 Imperial Princess Isabella  ( 3rd  Princess of the Empire, Age 20)

The 3rd princess of the De Los Empire, born from Emperor Leon and Princess Josephin. Unlike her siblings, she refuses to marry and wishes live a care free life. The Emperor made no objections.


On her usual day, Isabella freely roams around the palace and randomly visits the private houses of her subjects. During these times, she is always escorted by her childhood friend, Cyrus.
She also lives an extravagant lifestyle and her actions makes her look immature but in reality she is an intelligent young lady with a sharp intuition just like her father, the Emperor.


She showed her saviness when she unofficially joined a diplomatic envoy to Emphyrean. The envoy had a military escort for security and this did not go well with the Emphyrean Imperial Army.
Using her natural diplomatic abilities, she was able to get the Empyreans to agree in allowing their military escort to pass through the border and continue along with them.


Once at the Empyrean capital of Ghent, she met with Princess Erje and the two became close friends almost instantly.


Isabella would also help Nevillo in the formation of the Ziben and Deiros investigation units to explore Pandemonium.


  • Adventurer's Guild

 Meryl Pioneer  ( Adventurer /Seven Shards, Age 83 )

A descendant of Oddreez, one of the 7 Machinists. Meryl was expected to inherit the will of her ancestors but the pressure and expectations proved to be too much for her and she ran away from home.


Years later, she would eventually return and study Machine Engineering. She was able to achieve great success and became a member of the Seven Shards.


She is the person who discovered the talents of Melvin and Naen. She also tried to stop Gizal from leaving the Seven Shards but was unable to prevent him from joining the Kartel.


After it became possible to travel between Arad and Empyrean, she went on an adventure to learn about new cultures. During her travels, she met the “Great Adventurer Karakas” and they became close friends.


When she heard the news that Anton had fallen and that the location of the Castle of the Dead has been discovered. Meryl did not hesitate to pack her bags and go on to yet another adventure.


 Hunter Von  ( Hunter, Age 15 )

Von hails from Pandemomium. He’s a seasoned hunter who accidentally came to Arad through a small Metastasis incident that occurred while he was hunting. He met Dana Donatel during his travels in Arad and became part of the Adventurer’s Guild.


He is a curious and out-going person. He easily befriends any adventurers he meets.


His hunting skills in Pandemomium has also gained him quite a good reputation amongs adventurers. His veteran experience has allowed him to obtain special materials from the monsters he hunts without damaging it.


Von is also nicknamed the “Proverb Hunter” since he loves collecting proverbs from every country he visits and writes it down on his journal.


 Dana Donatel  ( Adventurer's Guild Sub-Guild Master , Age 28  )

The daughter of a wealthy and famous Merchant, Dana’s life would be forever changed when a monster brutally killed her parents during a family trip. She barely survived the incident thanks to an adventurer passing by.


The adventurer who saved her was the leader of the “Karakas” guild. Feeling symphathy for Dana’s loss, he took her under his wings and trained her as an Adventurer. She was a natural and quickly became an important member of the Guild.


Although Dana would rather stick to reading books all day, she would not hesitate to rush into a fight when her friends are in trouble.


When the road to Empyrean opened, she took the chance to study machinery and learn new skills. However, she doesn’t have a good standing relationship with the Imperial Army who sometimes gets in the way of her adventures.


She also became a good friend of Nevillo, the leader of the Jurgen family.


  • Grim Seeker
 Azalea Lott  (Leader of Grim Seekers, Age 18)

Originally a citizen of Tera, she immigrated to Arad through Genesis. She became half-immortal by combining the Genesis device with the elements of magic. However, this had a painful side effect that she still suffers to this day.


After Genesis landed in Arad, Azalea became aware of Hilder’s plan by investigating an ancient fairy document. In order to stop Hilder, she formed the Grim Seekers and called upon the strongest warriors from across Arad to join her in the Tower of Despair.


Soon after, she fell into a deep sleep waiting for the day she can enter Pandemonium. During her absence, the Grim Seekers fell into an internal conflict and was divided between the moderates who became followers of the Apostles and hardliners who would continue the fight that Azalea started.


Azalea would soon return after the Castle of the Dead appeared above the sky of Empyrean, she then help create a base camp in Zelva along with the Grim Seekers who remains loyal to her.


 Roy the Burning Pen   (Age 85, but late 20’s by his appearance)

His real name is Roy Hartwig. He is from the Industrial Area and received a lot of fame for his robotic creations when he was young. He is a friend of Meryl and has a big crush on her. He tried to court Meryl numerous times but his affection was never returned.



When Meryl suddenly disappeared, he became depressed and left towards the Lawless District in the West. After wandering for awhile, he found himself in Arad and met Azalea, the leader of the Grim Seekers. Not having any real interest at first, Roy was suddenly inspired by the stories that Azalea told and he became part of the Grim Seekers.


Unbeknownst to anyone, Roy actually came to Arad before the road to Empyrean opened. Some sort of miracle happened that allowed him to travel to Arad but he never thought much of it and never boasted about it either.


He returned to Empyrean during the war and was rescued by Chain Peace from a near fatal end. He stayed and helped them for a short time before returning to Azalea at the Tower of Despair. As Anton fell, he returned once again to Empyrean this time with Azalea. He wanted to meet up with Chain Peace again but heared they have been annihilated soon after he left. Roy was deeply saddned by this news.


He is now in his 80’s but due to the effects of the Tower of Despair, he still looks like a young man in his 20’s. The title “Burning Pen” was given to him by a friend as a joke since he never stops writing down any information he deems important. Although, his title started as a joke, he grew fond of it and continues to use it to this day.


 Eventful Erica   (Pandemonian,Age 17)

She is from Central Park where her mother died at a young age due to illness. She was raised by her overprotective father who tried to keep her sheltered but her curiousity and interest to the outside world was just impossible to contain.


Her magical talents began to surface at the age of 5 and Kate tried to recruit her into the Circle of Mages but due to the opposition of her father, she was not able to join. In return, her father who is always worried about her well being gave her a very precious magical item as a gift. He knew his daughter wanted to join but he just couldn’t fathom the possibility of her getting hurt.


At the age of 13, Erica met Niu, the Battle Mage and befriended her. She decided she would walk the same path as Niu and diligently trained to be a Battle Mage. However, she could not awaken any of her Chasers. Out of frustration, she left Central Park for Harlem where she would go through extreme forms of training. She would end up being kidnapped by the Kashipas during a training session but would miraculously escape soon after.


During this turbulent period in her life, she would finally learn awaken her Chasers and use it to fend off her abductors and man-eating predators alike but the Kashipas would pursue her to no end. By a stroke of luck, she would meet Hilder who would eventually save her from the relentless pursuit of the Kashipas. Having been saved by Hilder, Erica pledged undying friendship to Hilder and started to follow her.  This unlikely pairing would be together for quite sometime. Even though they would argue with each other a lot, Hilder never thought of Erica as a nuisance and would actually train her to master her Chasers.


After becoming an “Astare”, Erica decided to take revenge against her abductors. Hilder, surprised by Erica’s decision did not object to her but called Erica an “Absurd kid” and the two went their separate ways.


Erica full of confidence charged into the Kashipas camp. However, she was immediately caught due to the very heavy armor she was wearing. It was too heavy that she could barely move in it. Sarpoza, the Black Eye was impressed by her daring personality and gave her a chance to return home but Erica was so confident that she asked to duel Sarpoza instead. This resulted in a one-sided match where Sarpoza crushed Erica into pieces. It looked like her up and down life story was coming to a bitter end. However, she didn’t die. The magical item her father gave her, “The Bordeaux Feather” had transported her to safety.


When she opened her eyes, she was inside the Tower of Despair. She then met Azalea and became interested in her stories. She joined the Grim Seekers but did not stay long since time flows slowly in the Tower of Despair and she didn’t want to live in an era different from when she was born. After hearing the truth about Hilder, Erica decided to meet up with her again. She wanted to know the truth, was the warmhearted Hilder she traveled with all a lie? She now heads to Pandemonium determined to meet Hilder once more.

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