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New Dungeon: Dark Elf Ruins

Dungeon Information


*Can be entered up to twice per day
 - Does not reset upon leveling up
*Does not consume fatigue points
*Does not give any EXP

*Each player can use up to 4 Life Tokens
*Cannot encounter Gabriel


Dungeon Composition


*Each dungeon can only be entered on the days specified below.

Quest Start NPC Description
Monday / Thursday The investigation team has arrived at the cave, thanks to the information that Alisha had gathered. The members have already started looking for a passage way. There are dangerous devices left by the Dark Elves scattered all over the place. Encounters with ancient spirits and monstrous creatures have slowed them down. And blood curdling screams continues to echo through out the cave.
Tuesday / Friday At the end of the cave was the entrance to the shrine. A sign by the entrance reads, "Those who stand on the truth will reach the end of the road." The temple was designed so that its center could only be reached by braving a maze full of deadly traps. The maze was littered with the corpses of those who failed to pass.
Wednesday / Saturday You passed the maze and finally reached the inner temple, the place where the disaster all began. Its grandeur was no more—it was ruined beyond recognition and fraught with the angry spirits of its guardians who were unable to cross to the other side.
Sunday Can enter all dungeons (up to a maximum of 2x) 


Dungeon Difficulty


*All dungeons have 4 difficulties.
 - Higher difficulties have more maps and more complicated monster patterns.

 - Entrance requirement for each difficulty is as follows.

Difficulty Entrance Requirement
Clear the 2 Star Dungeon then clear it again without using a Life Token
Clear the 3 Star Dungeon then clear it again without using a Life Token
Clear the 4 Star Dungeon then clear it again without using a Life Token


Giant Boss Gruff


*Giant Boss Gruff will appear randomly when you enter 3 Star+ Dark Elf Ruins dungeons.
*Eliminating Gruff will give you bonus clear rewards and materials. Also, Gruff has a chance to drop tradable Legendary items.

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