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New Lore: Dark Elf Temple

The Dark Elf Temple,
once a temple of peace and prosperity


  In the Dark Elf Ruins, there were once altars for performing religious ceremonies. The priests that managed the altars would pray to bless the living and give thanks to their ancestors. Along with performing these ceremonies, they also studied alchemy and magic that helped the development and growth of the kingdom.


With such great progress, the King ordered the priests to create a dimensional gate that would connect the Kingdom, like a vast highway network for instant travel. However, the gate they opened was not the one they desired.


Instead of building portal gates to connect regions in the kingdom, the priests opened a gate into another dimension and rampaging monsters started emerging from it, killing everyone in their path. The Guardians of the Temple immediately took action and mounted a counter attack, killing the monsters that have entered through the gate before they cound inflict anymore harm. 


The remaining priests started to close the gate but before they could, a huge monster suddenly appeared from it. The giant monster roared, it was so loud that it shook the entire foundation of the temple. With this roar, thousands of monsters started rushing out of the dimensional gate, besieging the temple once more.


The priests and guardians fought valiantly against the monsters but it wasn't enough. They were losing ground and soon the temples were destroyed. The King who has heard of the news quickly dispatched additional forces to combat the growing threat. The reinforcements arrived on time and they were able to push back the monsters and reach the area where the dimensional gate is located.


Victory was almost near.


However, the giant monster stood in their path, preventing them from reaching the gate. Try as they may, they could not overcome the strength of the giant monster and wave after wave of attackers fell helplessly againts it.


With no other options available, the King and his council decided that the temple can no longer be recovered and only it's destruction can close the dimensional gate and preventing more monsters from coming through.


Thus, the Dark Elves destroyed the temple and all the area that leads to it, erasing it from the pages of history.






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