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New Contents: Raid

Creating a Raid Group

  • Raid Groups can only be created inside the raid channel. Raid channel can be accessed through the 'Raid Channel' of the menu.
  • Raid groups can be created by clicking on NPC Hiram Klauf's 'Create a Raid Group' menu or via 'Create a Raid Group' button inside the 'Find a Raid' menu.
    - The character who creates a raid group becomes the raid leader. Raid leaders are able to manage parties within the raid and operate the entire raid.

Joining/Invite to Raid group

  • Characters that are not raid leaders are able to join the queue to find a Raid Group through the 'Find a Raid Group' menu. When you click the 'Wait' button, you will be added to the waiting list.
  • Raid Leaders are able to invite characters on the waiting list.
  • Characters can be invited by clicking on their name then clicking the Invite to Raid button from the drop down menu.
  • The maximum number of players in a Raid Group is 20.

Raid Group Party Formation

  • Raid Leaders can form parties within the raid.
  • You can create up to 20 parties within the raid. (1 player per party is possible)
  • The player on the very top of the party becomes the party leader.

Starting the Raid

  • When all raid members are in the raid waiting zone, Raid Leader can start the raid via 'Raid Start' menu from Jakter the Eagle Eye.
  • In order to start the raid, all members of your raid must possess a 'Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker.' Once the raid begins, it will consume a 'Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker.'
    - 'Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker' is deleted every day at 09:00 UTC.


Raid Status Board

In Raid Status Board, you can see the overall status of the entire operation. Raid leaders are able to oversee the entire raid operation from here and deploy parties where they are necessary.

  • When the Operation: Immobilize Anton begins, you can open the Raid Status Board by clicking the Insert button.
  • The time limit is the amount of time you have to clear each phase. If you do not clear the phase within this time limit, it will result in a failure and the raid will end.
  • Each dungeon has an HP gauge. When you enter the dungeon and reduce its HP to 0, 
    the dungeon will be deactivated. You will then be able to enter other dungeons or the difficulty of other dungeons will be reduced.
  • Waiting room shows characters that are currently not in dungeons and are waiting in the waiting zone.
  • Raid Party Leaders are able to take their party to the dungeon of his choosing.
    - Dungeons available for entry will light up and circulate when you hover your mouse over it. 
    - When you select move to waiting room, your party will be moved to the waiting room.



  • When something important occurs, it will be shown in a video
  • When a timer is set on a dungeon, please be aware that some event will occur after the timer runs out. 
  • Dungeons that had all its HP reduced will be regenerated after some period of time. Respawned dungeons can have an effect on the difficulty of other dungeons.


Raid Group Buff System

  • Raid leaders are able to access this system.
    - On the bottom left of Anton Status Board, a 'Raid Status Board' will be added.
    - Raid leaders can click the buff button on the bottom of the raid status board to give buffs to a party or the entire raid.
    - During battle, the HP information of Boss/Named monsters will be displayed in the Raid Status Board.
    - If the raid leader leaves the raid group, gets disconnected or promotes another member to raid leader, the permission to give buffs is transferred to another member of the raid.


  • Raid leader buffs have the following stats
Buff Name Description Available to
Bonus Atk. Increases the Physical/Magical/Independent Atk. of the entire raid by 15% for 30 seconds.
(Cooldown: 7 minutes)
Bonus Time Limit Increases the time limit by 5 minutes.
(Cooldown: 120 minutes)
Recover HP/MP Selected party will recover 7% HP/MP per second for 60 seconds.
(Cooldown: 4 minutes)
Temporary Invincibility Selected party will become invincible for 30 seconds and receive no damage.
(Cooldown: 6 minutes)
Bonus Party Life Token Increases the remaining Life Token amount of the selected party by 4.
However, the number of tokens cannot exceed maximum token limit.
(Cooldown: 5 minutes)


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