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Other Changes


  • New epic equipment 'Savior's Glory' is added.
    - New epic equipment can be acquired from the Anton Raid dungeon or via Woon Lyonir's shop.
  • You can purchase various items via NPC Woon Lyonir in the raid channel.
  Item Price
Raid Channel Infinite ~ of Avarice epic accessory/special equipment recipe Condensed Antonium x30 for each part
Dimensional Energy Imparter - High Grade Condensed Antonium x4
Antonium x10 Pot Condensed Antonium x3
Anton's Soul Fragment Condensed Antonium x120
Anton Epic Equipment Pot Anton's Soul Fragment x4
  • Condensed Antonium and Anton's Soul Fragment can be acquired via Anton Raid dungeon quests. They can also be acquired from Anton raid dungeon drops.
  • NPC Naen Siger sells various abnormal status recovery potions so please use them in your battle against Anton.

Anton Raid Title

  • Anton Raid exclusive titles are added.
Title name Requirement Acquisition Path
Raid Veteran Participate in Anton Raid 30x Titlebook
Raid Warrior Complete Anton Raid as a party member 15x Titlebook
Proven Leader Complete Anton Raid as a party leader 15x Titlebook
Commander of Battle Complete Anton Raid as a raid leader 15x Titlebook
Forefront Attacker Complete Phase 2 Black Volcano Dungeon 30x Titlebook
Raid Immortal Complete Phase 2 Black Volcano Dungeon without using a Life Token Titlebook
Anton Conqueror Acquire all Anton Raid titles Sent to mailbox

Abusing Prevention System

  • Characters from the one account cannot enter the same raid.
    - If you are disconnected during the raid, you can re-enter as long as you were part of the raid when the raid started.
  • You cannot get the reward if you have not cleared a minimum of 2 dungeons for each phase of Operation: Immobilize Anton/Destroy Anton.
    - Anton's Heart dungeon will not count towards the number of dungeons cleared.
    - If you do not receive the reward for 'Ravenous Anton' quest due to Abusing Prevention System, the mission success count will not increase.

Infinite Crowd Control (Holding, stun, etc.) Prevention System

  • When a monster is disabled using grab, hold, stun, etc. for a certain duration of time, a special pattern will be activated.
  • Depending on the time a monster is disabled, a white, orange or red barrier will be shown on the monster. When the red barrier is destroyed, the pattern will activate.
  • This is only applied to some of the monsters in Anton Raid and a random pattern will activate from the pool of patterns.


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