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New Dungeon: Anton Raid

New Dungeon: Anton Raid


How to enter

  • Anton Raid dungeon can be accessed through the raid channel.
    - Anton Raid channel becomes available after you reach Lv. 85.
    - You can access the Anton Raid channel via NPC Hiram's 'Enter Raid Channel' drop down menu or via 'Change Channel' function in the game options.
  • In order to access the raid channel, you must clear the 'Anton in Another Dimension' quest.
  • Anton Raid dungeon can only be entered on the following days: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. (UTC 09:00 Standard)
  • To enter Anton Raid, an entrance material called 'Powerful Energy Absorption Blocker' is required.
    - This item can be purchased from NPC Naen Siger from the raid channel.


Dungeon Features

  • You can form a raid group with a maximum of 20 members in the Anton Raid channel.
  • Anton Raid's dungeon level is 115.
  • Anton Raid has a Life Token limit of 12 for each party of 4 in the raid group.
  • In Anton Raid dungeons, % defense reduction from equipment does not apply.
  • Dungeons of Anton Raid will open/close depending on the clear status of other dungeons.
    : When you clear the pre-requisite dungeons, the next dungeon becomes available for entry.

Anton Raid Information

Anton Raid is split into two parts: Phase 1 and Phase 2.
- After phase 1 ends, you will be given time to get ready for the 2nd phase. You should not leave the raid group during this time.


Phase 1. Cease Anton
「Cease Anton by destroying his legs!」
Dungeon Name Dungeon Information
Source of Black Smoke You were about to launch an attack at Anton when a dark smoke rolled in, enveloping you like a thick blanket. One by one, the soldiers fell, helpless in the pitch-black darkness. The unnatural smoke remains around Anton's body, even in the wind. You must find and eliminate the source of the smoke to get rid of Anton.
Shaking Battleground A, B Anton lifts his legs and shakes off soldiers from his body. He's moving his heavy body freely, having absorbed enough power from the Power Station. If you can't retrieve the energy from him, then you should eliminate the enemies blocking your way in the shaking battleground and destroy Anton's joints to get the upper hand.
Durable Leg A, B You can't let Anton leave alive, but each of his steps takes him miles closer to the interdimensional rift where the Castle of the Dead stands. Destroy Anton's leg and stop him from reaching his destination!
Naval Cannon Defense Anton's volcano will burn everything around it if it erupts. You've been firing icy cannonballs at the volcano using the naval cannon to cool down the volcano, and Anton's lackeys have gotten on the ship to destroy the gun. Your allies are still fighting Anton on his body. Protect the naval cannon and continue to shoot icy cannonballs at the volcano.



Phase 2. Defeat Anton 
 「Anton has been immobilized. Destroy his heart and defeat Anton once and for all!」
Dungeon Name Dungeon Information
Cutting off the Energy Anton's energy is heading to the Black Volcano, his most powerful weapon that is also his most vulnerable spot. To defeat Anton, enter the Black Volcano and cut off the energy that is being sent there.
1st-4th Hatchery Your soldiers were killed by an endless wave of enemies coming out of Anton's body. The number of enemies won't decrease because something inside Anton's body keeps generating them. Your allies are getting exhausted, having dealt with too many foes. Destroy the hatchery and speed up the process of subjugating Anton!
Black Volcano Lava runs deep inside the body of the fire-breathing Anton, and his heart lies within the lava. To truly defeat Anton, his heart must be destroyed, but his soldiers won't let that happen. The one waiting for you ahead is believed to be as powerful as Anton. Can you break through Anton's symbol, Black Volcano, and bring victory to Empyrean?
Anton's Heart It cost many lives to get here, but you've finally reached Anton's heart. Destroy his heart and put an end to this seemingly endless battle before he recovers his energy and strikes back.


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