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Arena Character

  1. You can now create dedicated Arena characters.
  • Arena characters can be created in the Create Character menu.
  • They are created at Level 85 and can use only the Arena channels.
  • Each class comes with an exclusive set of equipment. (Cannot be sold/discarded.)
  • You cannot create more than 1 Arena character of the same kind.
  • When you delete an Arena character, you cannot create another character of the same kind for 30 days.
  • When you have a Normal character that has underwent the Skill Verification process, Arena characters created on the same account have the same RP as the Normal character.
  • Arena characters are rewarded with a Title and a Creature when they complete the Game Changer of the Arena quest at Sizki's Dojo.
  • Deleted Arena characters cannot be restored by any means.


  1. Arena characters can be changed to Normal characters.
  • They can clear Daily missions to increase their Character Accomplishment rate, which enables them to change to Normal character when it's full.
  • When changing to Normal character, they lose their exclusive equipment and receive a Character Conversion Package.
    a) Experienced Bruiser weapons, Level 85 Magic-sealed armor/accessories/Special equipment, etc.
  • When changing to Normal character, their Titles and Creatures change to 60-day versions.


  1. Arena characters can mail only to the other characters on the same account.
  2. They can only add items and gold to the Account Safe.
  3. They cannot benefit from the Explorer Club and cannot be used as Mercenary/Supporter.
  4. They cannot use any Guild features except the chat mode when they join a guild.
  5. Arena characters cannot use the Arena Fatigue Consumption feature.


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