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Arena Season 2 Changes


  • The Normal Arena has been renamed to the Rank Arena.
  • The Captain mode has been deleted from the Rank Arena.
    The Captain mode will return when we come up with a more suitable Matching System for it.


Arena EXP/Gold Reward System Added

  • In the Arena, you can now obtain EXP and Gold at the cost of Fatigue.
    - You can decide to consume Fatigue on the left side of the Fatigue window.
    - For Sizki's Dojo and Coliseum only.
    - To spend Fatigue at Sizki's Dojo, you first have to complete the Ring of Combat quest.


Arena Durability/Clear Cube Cost Deleted

  • Equipment Durability and Clear Cubes are no longer required in the Arena.


Arena Equipment System Improved

  • The Minimum Equipment Adjust System has been added.

    - Unique or lower-grade equipment has its abilities adjusted to Unique.
    - Equipment whose grade is higher than the adjustment standard retains its grade.


  • The Auto Equipment Switch System has been added.

- When you enter the Arena, your equipment is automatically changed to the set that you wore in the Arena the last time.

a) The switching equipment information is saved when you leave the Arena.

- When you return to town, your equipment is automatically reverted to the pre-Arena set.

- Equipment can only be switched if the items to switch are stored in your inventory or safe.

a) Items in the Account Safe cannot be switched.
b) Equipment that is stored in the safe is returned to the safe.


Free Arena Avatars

  • Free Arena Avatars have been added.

- If you are not equipped with Avatars or your equipped Avatars are lower than Advanced, then free Arena Avatars are provided.

- Arena Avatars are retrieved when you return to town.


Free Arena Avatar (Set Effect: Advanced Avatar)



Face/Upper Chest






Casting Speed

Attack Speed

Upper Skill



Movement Speed




Lv +1





Arena Interface Improved

  1. When your RP is below a certain amount, then the Combo Gravity Adjustment information is displayed on your screen in the HUD form.
    - Below 1,200 RP
  2. If you can use Quick Rebound, then its availability will be displayed on your screen.
  3. When you use Quick Rebound, its duration will be displayed in the gauge form.
  4. Your Combo damage on enemies is now displayed in percentage forms.
  5. When you become Invincible while using skills, your character is outlined in white.
  6. The Matching loading screen for the Rank Arena now displays your opponent's Advanced class and Awakening title.
  7. Your opponent's HP gauge now alternately displays their character name and Advanced class.
  8. The Arena Admission UI (hotkey: P) has been updated to befit Area Season 2. 
  9. The Playtime notifier has been relocated, so that it would not cover your HP bar.


Arena Accessibility/Convenience Improved

  1. Rank Arena
  • If you fight an opponent in a different channel while in the Coliseum, then you will be moved back to the Coliseum after the fight.
  • If you exit the game while in the Coliseum, then you will be moved to the Coliseum automatically upon entering the Arena next time.
  • The Skill Cooldown notifier now saves your cooldown information separately for the dungeons and the Arena.


  1. Practice Arena
  • If everyone is ready and the room master does not start the game in a set amount of time, then the master's mode automatically changes to Observer.
  • The Handicap features have been added.
    a) You can adjust your HP before you play.
  • Red and Blue Teams no longer have to have the same number of members to start a game.
    a) If the numbers of their members do not match, then an additional alert will be displayed.
  • The Invite/Today's Buddy Suggestions window now shows your friends and guildsmen before others.
  • The Invite window is highlighted when friends and guildsmen are invited to the Arena.


Arena Admission Conditions Changed

  1. The Level limit for the Arena has been updated. (Lv. 35 → 50)
  •  When you reach Level 50, you can receive the Ring of Combat quest from Chobung in Underfoot.
  •  Complete the Entry quest: The Ring of Combat 1/5, and you can enter the Arena.


  1. The following characters can now use Sizki's Dojo in the Rank Arena.
  • Knight: Chaos
  • Creator


  1. Non-advanced characters are restricted from accessing the Arena.
  • They can use Sizki's Dojo, but not the Practice Arenas.


Additional Arena Changes

  1. Winning conditions for Time Out games have changed.
  • Old: The player whose absolute outgoing damage value is higher than the other's wins.
  • New: The player whose damage to Max HP ratio (%) is higher than the other's wins. 


  1. A skill guide has been added to the Arena.
  • Informs of the difference between dungeons and the Arena and the Auto Skill Allocation feature.


  1. Auto Skill Allocation now offers a skill tree optimized for each class.
  2. Auto Skill Allocation no longer changes the original skill arrangement.
  3. All the Combo Practice levels (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) now have a single stage.
  4. The maximum frame is set to 300 in the Arena and cannot be changed.
  5. The Options window can no longer be opened when you are attacked in an Arena match.
  6. The Arena Skill Verification match count has changed from 20 to 10.
  7. EXP Books have been deleted from the Skill Verification Gift Box contents and replaced by Coliseum Admission Tickets.
  8. The Hidden missions have been deleted and replaced by the Accomplishment missions.
  • With the Accomplishment missions, you can now their Clearance conditions ahead of time.


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