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Sizki's Dojo


Sizki's Dojo

  1. At Sizki's Dojo, you can practice your fighting skills on APCs.
  2. Accessible through the Rank Arena.
  3. You can earn EXP and Gold at Sizki's Dojo.
  • You can earn EXP and Gold at the cost of Fatigue.
  • The Fatigue Consumption option can be turned on/off.


Sizki's Dojo Quest

  1. When you first enter Sizki's Dojo, the Entry quest is automatically activated. Complete the quest, and you can receive a reward.
  • Normal Characters: 2 TP after completing The Ring of Combat
  • Arena Characters: 1,000 Coliseum Stamps after completing The Ring of Combat
    a) When you change your Arena character to a Normal character, its Ring of Combat clearance/reward statuses also change to those of the Normal character.
  1. You can adjust the difficulty level of APCs after completing the quest.
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