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2nd Awakening: Divineress

It was the early autumn. The full moon was a few days ago.


A waning moon rose slowly over the Great Mountain,
pushing away the ancient darkness that resided in the mountain
and illuminating the spirits of autumn that sit on the windowsills,
telling each other the stories of old.
Maybe it was the balmy weather of that night that made me hope for an oracle
even though I know oracles can't be wanted
—they can only be given if the Sacred Dragon decides so.


When have I become so selfish? Why is my mind so restless?
Some time ago, I realized that I could sense upcoming oracles before they arrived.
That realization made me happy. I'd gotten closer to the Sacred Dragon.
I was no longer just a vessel for his oracles. I was the reader of his mind.
It was the greatest blessing for anyone who served him.
It was also the source of my selfishness and arrogance.


My mind is a swirling miasma of emotions and depressing thoughts
when his mystical oracle came through the small opening between the windows in my mind.  
It wasn't as obscure and cryptic as his usual messages.
It was shards of his thoughts and emotions
and they flew in through the windows in my mind, piercing it where they hit.
Then they melted into an endless wave of energy and combined into one firm will.
The Sacred Dragon was enraged by the corruption of the world,
the loss of pure spirits, the plaguing evil, and chaos.


Dear Scared Dragon, the object of my worship,
the guide of my spirit and the symbol of my faith, 
Use me to unleash your wrath. Punish your enemies
and the unholy with the power of your rainbow light.






New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Power of the Dragon God 75

The Dragon God lends a great power, enabling you to inflict additional damage and increase Rosary Gun Atk. Also shortens cooldown for Sacred Dragon Ball's additional damage and temporarily decreases incoming damage when you are attacked.

Amulet Pentagram 75

Creates a circle of exorcistic amulets in front and bounces beads off them, attacking enemies inside the circle.

The beads push enemies as they ricochet and attack multiple times.

Holy Comet 80

Drops a massive rosary bead onto the front area, obliterating enemies.

Use with the Forward key to adjust the dropping point.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
  Incarnation: Raging Godly Dragon 85

A godly dragon descends upon this world to save it from evil. The dragon becomes one with the Diviner, fighting evil, and then returns to Heaven. This skill Holds its targets with damage.


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