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2nd Awakening: Inferno

I dreamed of Hell.
Following my duty, I walked to my destination, the river of holy fire.


It carried burning sins along the myriad of stakes built along its path. 


I saw pain on the faces of my brothers and sisters nailed to the stakes.
I asked what they had done to deserve this punishment.
They didn't have tongues to speak.



They didn't have eyes to look at me.
Those who stole from others had their hands burn in hellfire.
Then I saw both my hands were also alight. 


I'd killed in the name of God, and the light on my hands was fiercer than that on the thieves'.
I didn't belong in this place, so I started walking toward the center of the river.


"We'll die and go to Hell, so we can punish evil there."
The Pledge of the Inquisitor was my guide.


I didn't know how long I walked. I was surrounded by burning men, none of them sane enough to have a conversation.
When I finally reached where I wanted to be, I looked up to the sky.


It was gray and looked as bottomless as the abyss.
Suddenly I was more afraid of this sky than the river full of hellfire.


Fear and loneliness are foreign concepts to me.
I've only served Him. I've only feared Him.
I've never been lonely for I've always been with Him.



Dear God, forgive my sins.
I fear you. I praise you.
I seek your help. Lend me your strength.


I prayed and looked up to the sky again.
Then I knew; the sky was his eyes.
And his eyes were misty.


His tears fell, forming an altar in the midst of the raging fire.
It was my chapel where I was to worship Him.


I stepped onto the altar and sensed its connection to Hell.
I could hear the thoughts of sinners that I'd never heard before. 


I could feel their pain. I could hear their screaming.
They were cursing His authority.
Their shamelessness and ungratefulness angered me so much,


I punched the altar with both fists that were burning with my sins.
The flames of my sin rumbled and entered the mouth of the altar.
Suddenly the ground opened up and dark flames shot through the cracks.


Sinners stopped cursing Him and faced my fury.
Sinners, give up all your selfish hope.


I dreamed of Hell.
I walked through the river of fire.


God is my only guide.
I'll remember my dreams of hellfire, so I could show them to sinners on earth.


- Infernal Revelation by the Inquisition







New Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Securise Maleficarum 75

A manual containing instructions on how to punish unbelievers and demons. Improves the Inquisitor's fighting abilities.


Increases Atk. for Basic/Jump/Dash attacks and Inquisitor skills.
- Holy Fire: Shorter cooldown
- Flege's Firebomb: Shoots flames at the front area when used with the Forward key.
- Flege's Essence: Shorter cooldown. Can be used in the middle of post-casting delay for skills that can cancel Holy Fire.

God's Wrath 75

Slashes upward, quickly spins in the air, slashing at enemies, and then forcefully strikes downward with centrifugal force.


Can be used during Backstep and in midair. When used in midair, this skill skips to the spinning slash motion.

Burning Wheel 80

Summons a burning wheel that obliterates enemies in front.


Use Flege's Essence on the wheel, and it adds the Incineration effect to enemies in its range.


2nd Awakening Skill

Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Blazing Hell 85

Sets the ground ablaze with holy flames, purging enemies.


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