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Advancement: Dragon Knight

New Advancement:

From Pandemonium to Empyrean,
from there to Arad,
Bakal,the King of all Dragons,
continued his invasion of this world.


And he brought every living creature to submission in the end.


The first year of his rule began when his army conquered Arad.
Bakal Year 1.


Ironically, it marked the beginning of the most prosperous
and stable century in Arad's history.


The Metastasus stopped manifesting.
The Great Pentacle was stronger and more durable than ever,
thanks to the superior magic of the Dragons.
The monsters kept themselves inside caves, too afraid of the Dragons.


Finally, he had the whole world in his hands...
then a century passed, and his satisfaction as a victor slowly weathered away with it.


It was the night of the Festive Day of the Dragon's Crescent Moon,
the banquet that was held at the end of every year.


Bakal was on his way back to his bedchamber when he suddenly remembered
the warping of spacetime, which occurred when Pandemonium was first connected
to Drakvalt.


It dawned on him that maybe he could use that phenomenon to dominate
other dimensions while looking for clues leading to the World Tree that Hilder stole
from this world.


Once he made up his mind, there was no stopping him.
He was the ruler of this world, and no one could deny his wishes.


Bakal learned from the Dark Elves how to open an interdimensional gate.
He then used every resource he had to open a great interdimensional gate that
warped spacetime.


Waiting on the other side of it wasn't just another dimension—so was disaster.


The century-long peace had made Bakal complacent, soft.
The world may have prospered under his reign, but it didn't change the fact
that his empire was built on the pain and suffering of others.


Bakal was oblivious of the hatred that was bubbling up underneath the calm surface.


The Dark Elves held a grudge like no other, and they were good at hiding it too.
They gave Bakal the wrong coordinates, which invited alien forces with evil intent
to where Bakal's expeditionary army was.


The Dragons would've been wiped out that day if it weren't for their elite fighters,
the Dragon Knights. They drove away the alien invaders, but barely.
And then everything went downhill from there.


Bakal lost his power, the world spiraled into chaos, and civil wars ensued.


Even the Dragon Knights, who were strong enough to fend off the alien forces,
couldn't fight the changes that were happening all around them.


The Dragon Knights no longer fight for a single leader.
Now they have their own banner to protect, their own right to fight.


Are you disappointed because they've changed?
I understand.


Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But there's one thing that we all must not forget;
the Dragon Knights have been the greatest warriors since Bakal’s time
and that will never change, no matter how much time passes.


Plane: Dragonia



Skill Introduction


Skill Name


Skill Description

Dragon Scale Light Armor Mastery


Light Armor increases Strength, Vitality, Spirit, MP Recovery, Max HP/MP, Physical Critical Chance, and Hit Recovery.

Dragonoid's Token


Her shield changes into the dragon Shield, and her Basic/Jump/Dash attacks are affected by Physical Independent Atk. Final incoming damage also decreases, depending on her remaining HP.

Dragon Wing


When used on the ground, your character dashes forward. When used in midair, she rises as she spreads her wings, and then descends slowly. Press Dash to dash in the dashing direction.

Dragon Tooth


Shoots her fighting spirit through her Dragon Shield in the shape of a sword. Can be chained with Basic attacks. Its attack type changes, depending on which attack you chain it.

Fire Breath


Releases dragon-shaped fire from her Dragon Shield, attacking enemies in front.

Blitz Strike


Quickly falls, slashes at enemies in her path, and then sends forth a shock wave across the ground.

Summon Astra


Summons Astra. Astra increases Independent Atk. and Hit Rate. Using this skill again while Astra is summoned releases her fighting spirit, inflicting damage on surrounding enemies and casting Super Armor on you.



Increases Physical Critical Chance for Katanas. Blitz Strike also casts Super Armor from the moment you start descending.

Piercing Horn


Sharpens her weapon by imbuing it with her fighting spirit, and then stabs at enemies with it.

Dragon Breath


Astra, if summoned during Fire Breath, breathes fire for you.

Knuckle Baster


Transforms her Dragon Shield into a knuckle and shoots it at enemies in front. This knuckle travels a certain distance, attacking enemies in its path, pulling them into your attack range. When this skill is used in midair, your character shoots the knuckle at the ground, sending forth a shock wave.



Eats meat and encourages herself. Increases Atk. for Finish! and Advanced skills.

Dragon Fang


Astra flies over to the enemy you've just attacked and attacks it multiple times.

Dragon Smash


Quickly slashes at an enemy upward, and then attacks again with her Dragon Shield, which has taken the shape of a knuckle. Can be canceled into certain skills after they hit.

Spinning Raid


Quickly charges at enemies in front, and then kicks them with might.



Improves the effects of eating food, making Binge additionally increase Strength.

Dragon Warrior Princess


Converts her Dragon Shield into energy, combines it with her weapon, summoning Dragon Warrior Princess, and then attacks enemies in front.

Breath of the Storm


Astra grows bigger and shoots stormy breath at enemies in front from its mouth. Your character rides the dragon when this skill is used in midair.

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