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Advancement: Lightbringer

New Advancement:

The Holy Five—Michaela, Milan Rosenbach,
Wolfgand Beonarr, Shaprio Gracia and Sinya
—defeated Ozma at last.


For some reason, Michaela insisted that,
instead of destroying Ozma,they must
seal him inside an archangel.


In doing so, Ozma's evil energy could be
neutralized by the host's holy energy.
This involved a ritual that was as unpredictable
as gambling and the Order wasn't ready to take
such a big risk.


And so, Michaela took the matter into her own hands.
She suppressed Ozma's evil energy and sealed the enemy
within Archangel Michael's body... along with herself.


Everyone was saddened by her noble sacrifice when a miracle
happened. Michaela's power as an Apostle merged with
Archangel Michael's. Together, they not only purified Ozma's evil energy
but also returned it to its purest form.


Archangel Michael became holier and stronger than ever. The followers of
God also grew stronger in their faith. Michael ordered that every Apostle be
sealed inside an Archangel's body.


Thousands of years later, the Order accomplished this objective.
After all the chaotic powers that terrorized the world disappeared,
the seven archangels tried to straighten the warping of spacetime and
that required the traces of Carloso, the creator of the multiverse.


But even with their powers, they couldn't find his traces. They searched
every dimension and every nook and cranny of each world to no avail.


After much consideration, they decided to lend their powers to the
lower-ranking Guardian Angels, so they could search for Carloso's traces
on their behalf. 


The Lightbringers, while traveling across dimensions, realized that they weren't
the only ones looking for them.Great warriors called the Knights, who
exist across all dimensions, were also carrying out their own search.


Apparently, some force that surpassed the archangels' will was also at work.
In the face of this confusing reality, the Lightbringers prayed to God
and reminded themselves of their mission.


"We're wingless, low-ranking angels, but we hope that we can meet Him one day..."


- Plane: Angelica




Skill Introduction



Skill Name


Skill Description

Lightbringer's Plate Armor Mastery


Plate Armor increases Strength, Vitality, Spirit, Max HP/MP, MP Recovery, Physical Critical Chance, Physical Def., and Attack Speed.

Seraphic Fall


Imbues her weapon and shield with Heaven's power. Modifies Basic attacks, makes certain character moves resist enemy attacks, and increases Physical Atk.

Seraphic Feather


Increases Physical Atk. for Maces and add special attack effects to them at the cost of her unique resource, Seraphic Feathers.

Sweeping Wave


Strikes her weapon of light downward, sending forth a shock wave. This skill Taunts its targets.



Swings her radiant weapon sideways at a target.

Divine Shield


Concentrates her power of light into her shield and blocks all enemy attacks.

Shield Break


Concentrates the power of light into her shield, and charges forward, knocking enemies in her path backward.



Discharges her power of light through her weapon at the ground, generating pillars of light.



Increases skill Atk. for herself and her party.



Charges her shield with the power of light and swings it, shooting the power at the ground.



Imbues her weapon with the power of light, fluidly swings it upward and launches a target, and then slams him downward with her shield.



Discharges the power of light concentrated in her shield at surrounding enemies.



Discharges the power of light concentrated in her weapon in the form of feathers at enemies in front, and then forcefully pushes them away with her shield.



Vertically drops a radiant hammer of judgment.



Glides forward, grabbing a target in his path and absorbing its blood.Jumps forward and slams her weapon onto the ground, causing a light explosion.

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