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Awakening: Archangel





The battle is over.


The girl is bleeding from all over and breathing
heavily. She's barely able to stand under the
weight of her plate armor, which looks twice as big as her.


The shield she's holding in one hand is scratched and
dented from many battles it's survived.


Any observer would know at first sight that even though
she won the battle, it was a hard-won victory.


They would then wonder as she kneels down on the ground and starts praying.


"O' Michael, the Savior of the World and the Agent of Light, I praise your
name. I traveled across dimensions and arrived here to accomplish my mission,
only to learn that this world has not yet been freed from the evil Apostles.


They are stronger and far more wicked than those I've met in other dimensions.
Their power reaches the core of this world and the ends of the sky above it.


And why is that I'm sensing his traces more strongly from this lair of Apostles
and the Apostle themselves?


I'm too weak and ignorant to understand the meaning of this.
My mission dictates that I move forward, following his traces.


Please, dear Michael, help me, so I can fulfill my mission..."


She finished praying, but now her body is still and motionless.
Has she spent all the energy left in her?


In that moment of silence, she looks as if she's turned into stone.
Suddenly an intense light appears around her, filling the space as if in response
to her prayer.


"Hear my words. You've been strong in your faith and steadfast in your efforts
to fulfill your mission. Not many have impressed me the way you have.
You deserve a reward. Tell me what I can do for you."


Unfazed by the sudden appearance of light and the voice, she answers,
"I'd like a bit of wisdom that will help me overcome any hardships these Apostles
have in store for me, and also enough strength to protect my friends against them."


The voice answers with a chuckle in its tone, as if satisfied by her prompt answer.


"Why do you ask me? Your faith is your wisdom and strength, and therefore you already have them.
Stop doubting yourself and soldier on."


With that, the light shatters into a bright explosion, the air ringing with the impact.


In the center of the scattering light stands the girl, looking strong, majestic, radiant.

She no longer looks as if she's groaning under the weight of her plate armor.
Her shield is no longer scratched and dented: it's shining brightly.


"Ah, dear Michael...Now I understand. I didn't lack wisdom or strength. I just didn't know
what I had. Here, I promise to you again. I will protect light against darkness, friends against
enemies, and good against evil. And I won't rest until my mission is complete."



Skill Introduction

Skill Name


Skill Description

Glory of Light


Heaven further lends its power to the Archangel. Enlarges her shield of light, generates a certain number of Seraphic Feathers upon entering dungeons, and increases Physical Atk.

Price of Mistrust

Awakening Skill

Accelerates and concentrates Heaven's light, and then causes an explosion.

Divine Sanctuary


Discharges the power of light from her shield, blocking all attacks targeting her and her party within this skill's range.



Discharges the power of light concentrated in her shield at surrounding enemies, Stunning them with damage.

Mandate of Heaven


Concentrates her power of light, soars up into the sky, and then explodes the power as she descends.

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