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Advancement: Dragoon


The Demonic Lancers.


It's been known that the only way for these warriors to become stronger is to defeat each other and absorb their fallen peer's power.
The Empire discovers, through the battles held between combat slaves and monsters at arenas every day, that the Demonic Lancers' powers could actually be intensified through battles with abnormally powerful monsters and creatures that have been exposed to the energy of the Apostles like Sirocco.
So the government selects the strongest and longest-surviving combat slaves from arenas and sends them everywhere in the country to resolve the aftermath of the Metastasis, exterminate monsters, and keep the general populace happy, all the while cultivating a powerful regiment.


The Dragoons.

They are the professional monster hunters trained by the Empire. The first Dragoon and the leader of the others, Marx, who is also known as Jager, pays a visit to the Imperial lords who own combat slaves, picks out slaves who are most sensitive to Sirocco's energy, and immediately sends them to the Empire.
These slaves, unlike the other Demonic Lancers, are completely isolated from other groups and learn the monster-tracking and hunting techniques and combat arts that the Empire has secretly developed. When their training is complete, they hold a festival of their own called the Red Moon Festival, in which ten warriors who caught bigger game than the others are selected and named Dragoons and sent out to different places on the Arad Continent.






Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Dragoon's Heavy Armor Mastery 15 Heavy Armor increases the Dragoon's Intelligence, Spirit, Max HP/MP, MP Recovery, and Magical Critical Chance.
Beam Spear Mastery 15 Beam Spears increase Magical Weapon Atk. and Attack/Casting Speeds.
Hunter's Move Set 15 The monster hunter's unique Demonic lance technique. Changes Basic/Dash/Jump attacks to the Dragoon's unique lance techniques.
Servant Lance 15 Creates magic lances that can be thrown during Basic/Skill attacks.
Mole Hunt 15 Imbues his lance with magic energy and rakes the ground with it, discharging the magic energy and launching enemies.
Needler 15 Shoots a bunch of magic spears that push enemies backward.
Hunter's Sharpness 20 His sharpened hunter's instinct increases Critical Atk. and Hit Rate.
Buffalo Fall 25 Charges forward, knocking enemies backward, and then pins them to the ground.
Mana Extraction 25 Increases the Dragoon's Basic/Skill Atk.
Servant Lance: Assault 25 Can be used during Basic/Skill attacks to pin targets.
Wing Skewer 30 Shoots his Demonic lance's energy at enemies in front.
Drilling Neck 30 Spins with his Servant lance, attacking enemies in front.
Ram Fence 35 Creates a set of magical walls that herds enemies to a certain location and then explodes, attacking the targets in between them.
Locust Burning 35 Creates and swings a magic lance to gather and blow enemies away, or lift them in the air.
Head Penetration 40 Leaps into the air and impales the strongest enemy with his Demonic lance as he lands.
Scale Grinder 45 Shoots multiple magic spears at enemies in front, and then creates a big magic spear to stab the enemies with it.


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