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2nd Awakening : Hekate


Some people don't even try to hide their disgust when they hear this word.
Because hatred is a natural response from people toward things that they don’t understand,
commanders of the power of curses like me have to have kept a low profile throughout the history of mankind.  

It's funny, though.
In a sense, curses are the same as prayers to God
because they all convey people's wishes and desires to a higher power.

Is it wrong to want something?
Is only faith in God right?
What's good and what's bad? And who decides what they are?
So far, no one was able to answer that question for me.
I doubt anyone can.

I'll walk a path that's different from those delusional idiots, completely blinded by their faith in God.
My power purely comes from my own mind and mana.
I'll look everything in the world in the eye, and wield my power as I wish.

I'll decide whether or not
I want to be good or bad when the time comes.

- Hekate's Monologue​



Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
A Rose in the Dark 75 Increases the Hekate's Intelligence, Skill Atk., and number of Hex Doll stacks she gets upon entering dungeons. Also, her attacks decrease all elemental resistances of their targets.
Garden of Pain 75 Summons a magical bramble area around her, Immobilizing enemies and inflicting pain on them.
This skill restores 1 Hex Doll stack on hit.
Curse of Terror Bear 80 Madd instantly grows big and inhales deeply, shooting cursed energy from its mouth.
This energy travels along the ground, creating a cursed area that extends the durations of the Forbidden Curse and Favoritism effects cast on your party members.
Forest of Dolls 85 The Hekate uses the ultimate black magic that can change even spacetime, transforming the current place into the heart of the Forest of Dolls.
A Madd that has been magically enlarged breathes destructive energy at enemies in front, and then strikes them with both paws, inflicting great damage.
During this skill, Marionette persists regardless of its duration, maintaining its buff effects until the end of the skill. If Marionette's duration is extended by this skill, then Madd's finishing attack changes, destroying the theater stage.
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