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Awakening : Black Maiden

Are you in pain? You don't look well.
I'm sorry. I did everything I could, but I wasn't fast enough.

What do we do? If I don't do something soon, you'll leave me forever.
I don't want that. You don't, either, do you?

So... I was thinking... I've got a plan. Want to hear it?
Yes—I knew you'd want to hear it!

You see, I came up with this plan that...
You could be my doll! Voila! What do you think? Awesome, isn't it?

What's wrong? You have a strange look on your face. Don't you like my idea?
Come on, I'll make you look cute and lovely. You'll never have to worry about leaving me.

Happy, aren't you? Yes! I knew you'd like it!
We can be partners forever. I just know it!

So, stop worrying and try to get some sleep.
You're going to die now, but don't be afraid. I'll wake you up.

Just dream of me!




Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
Petite Diablo Passive Increases the Black Maiden's and her party's Attack/Movement Speeds, Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, and Spirit.
Marionette Awakening Skill Puts on a puppet show by using all enemies and party members.
During this puppet show, you can control Madd, and Madd's incoming damage decreases by 50%.
Also increase your party members' Strength, Intelligence, Attack/Movement Speeds, and Physical/Magical Def.
Hex 60 Requires 1 Hex Doll stack.
Summons a hex doll and spreads magic, turning surrounding enemies into dolls.
Afterward, your character hammers nails into these enemies, damaging them with every strike and Holding them until it finishes hammering.
Eternal Possession 70 Requires 1 Hex Doll stack.
Consumes a hex doll, connects puppet strings to a dead party member, and pulls them back on their feet.
The resurrected party member recovers a certain amount of HP and MP.
Terrible Roar 70 Madd pulls surrounding enemies, instantly grows big, and then roars, damaging the enemies with the magic power in its roar.
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