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Awakening : Yaksha

I roamed the world for a long time.

I swung my sword, just to release my aimless anger.
I never bothered to look at those I cut down.
I felt no remorse, either.

A sharp scream, and then blood would splatter.
The coppery smell of fresh hatred would fill the air as I mete out deadly punishment.

I would leave the battlefield, leaving the enemies in death throes, their dying curses stabbing at my back like ice picks.

How long has it been since I was last called that?
I never showed mercy, no matter how desperately my enemies begged.
I was so cruel and so apathetic.
I moved from one battlefield to another, shedding blood to become the greatest of all swordsmen in the world.

This man standing before me reminds me of myself when I was called the Yaksha... in life.
But the subtle shaking of the tip of his sword...
The last ounce of conscience left in him must still be fighting him.
But it won't last long...

- Yaksha's Monologue



Icon Skill Name Level Skill Description
One Who's Called the Yaksha Passive Increases Atk. for the Yaksha's Basic attacks, Ghost Slash, Drive Slash, and Advanced skills, and Physical Critical Chance.
Phantom Cross Awakening Skill The Yaksha and the Ghost muster up their strength and then perform a joint cross slash, inflicting great damage on surrounding enemies.
Ghost: Targeted Hit 60 The Yaksha swings his sword, and the Ghost raids the strongest enemy within range.
Can be used in the middle of Swordsmanship skills without the casting motion.
Dyad: Abyssal Punishment 70 The Ghost attacks enemies in a broad area, Holding them, and then the Yaksha gathers and finishes them.
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